"So, Mia asked you out on a date?" I tease Grey as we walk back home. 

"And you've got a new boyfriend, don't you?" He replies.

"No! Seth's kind of cool..." I mutter.


"I think he's got a crush on me. He keeps flirting with me even though he know I'm with you." I continue, holding out my ring hand "Hell, he knows we're engaged..."

"I need to tell you something." Grey says, stopping dead in the street. "I don't trust that guy. There's something sketchy about him."

"Are you getting jealous?"

"I'm not getting jealous! I just feel something inherently wrong about that guy. It's with my abilities, I can't pick anything, like he's not even there..."

"Are you saying he's a collective hallucination?" I ask mockingly.

"More like a hole in the world, like he doesn't have a soul." He says, looking away.

I push him against one of the car parked alongside the road, a white mini van. "Grey, why are you acting like this? You know I only have eyes for you." I say after kissing his lips.

"I told you, I'm not jealous! There's something wrong with that guy!"

I sigh loudly, letting my irritation out. "You can't lie to me, I can feel it inside of you and you know that, so why do you try to diss the man?"

He pushes me away rudely and scream. "Are you blind Lou? i'm not lying."

"Look, just go home, we'll talk when you calm down." I spit venomously walking off to my house while he remain behind. 

Once inside, I rush to my room and throw my bag against the wall before crashing down on my bed, my head bursting with steam. I can't believe after all this Grey's getting jealous and throwing a tantrum about me seeing another guy purely as friends. 

I plug my mind to the link and I feel his own irritation and anger. While he was talking, I could feel his jealousy burning, he wasn't afraid or nervous... Just possessive. 

Seth looks like a nice guy, the only bad thing he's doing I don't like is hitting on me. I know there's a lot of gay couples that sleep around but that's not what I do. I'm with Grey and nobody else.

After a long period of brooding silently on my bed, I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. "Must be Grey. He must want to apologize..." I mumble to myself, wondering if I should bother picking up. I look at the caller ID and I don't recognize it so I pick it up.

"Hello." I say somberly.

"Evening, Lou. It's Seth... Are you alright?"

"Oh... Hey Seth... And no, I just had a fight with Grey."

"Jesus... Do you want to talk about it?"

I sigh and ask "Not on the phone. Why don't you meet me at the pizzeria on St. Peter street in twenty?"

"Alright. I'll be right there."

The End

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