Tension in the airMature


At the lunch break, I'm the first to hit our usual table, next on the list is Mia who sits right in front of me. 

"Hey..." She says looking rather grim. Can I ask you a favor?"

"Are you alright? Did something happen with Jen? And, sure you can."

"No, it's not that. We haven't talked yet. I was just wondering, could you accompany me to my 'classes' tomorrow? I really could use someone...Someone who understand what I'm going through."

"No problem, I'll talk to it with Lou, I'm sure he won't mind being alone for just a single evening."

"Thanks, it means a lot to me." She says with an almost sad smile. 

Seeing it, I get up and lean closer kissing her forehead. "You'll be alright, Mia. You know you can count on us, whatever the reason might be."

Just at the same moment, Jennifer arrives on location and playfully yells "Back off, she's mine!"

"Oh hi Jen. Energetic as ever aren't you?" I respond with a cocky, mocking grin.

She hugs and kiss her girlfriend on the neck. "Mia's mine, you can't have her."

"Oh please Jen, if I said that every time you flirted with somebody, nobody would talk to us anymore." Mia states dryly.

"Woah... I didn't mean to offend you..." Her lover defend herself. "Look, I'm sorry. Did I do something wrong?""

I watch the scene in silence stunned by the aggressivity that Mia display at the moment, she's generally cool if a bit passive. With my powers, I can feel a cold draft surrounding my tomboy friend. Although it probably doesn't take any to feel the tension in the air.

"No, I'm the one who's sorry... I've been in a bad mood recently. I shouldn't have dumped it on you."

The two make up and share a long drawn out kiss which ends just as Lou enters the cafeteria with an emo guy on his heel. 

"Hey everyone." says my boyfriend.

"Hey!" We all simultaneously greet back. "Who's that?" I then ask.

"Seth, Seth Williams." The new man present himself. His eyes lock into mine and for a second, I feel a predatorial glint within them. He extend his hand toward me and I shake it. "You must be Lucas' boyfriend Grey." He ask, already knowing the answer.

"I am... And Lou told me about you..."

He sits down on the opposite side of the table while Lou takes a seat right beside me. Around the table, everyone converse while eating their lunch while I'm just left staring at my hand...

"You aren't eating Grey?" Lou asks me sounding rather concerned.

"I'm not hungry..." I explain, which is only half-true... I've lost my appetite because of what I sensed when I touched Seth's hand. Everyone has an aura, a field of energy that carries their essence and that is affected by their emotions. When I touch someone or something, I can feel that aura, feel the feelings that lingers on someone or something.

The problem isn't what I felt... It's what I didn't feel. I felt absolutely nothing... Like I touched a soulless husk...

The End

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