"So, he asked you to marry him?" Seth asks when I sit down next to him. In front of the class, the teacher begin his lesson in math but Seth and I continue chatting in whispers.

"How did you know?" I ask back, surprised since we didn't have the same classes that morning.

"You just confirmed it." He declares a mocking grin shining on his lips. "You look much better than yesterday and you've got a new ring around your finger. Plus, you're practically radiating happiness, I could feel it from across the room."


"Will I get to meet the man of your dreams?" He questions teasingly.

I look down blushing due to my rather dirty mind, I love Grey but let's just say he's not always the one in my dreams... "Well, he'll be there at lunch..." I meekly state.

"I'm looking forward to meet him."

"What about you, do you have someone?"

"At the moment, I have neither a girlfriend nor boyfriend."

"...You're bi?" I sheepishly ask.

"Pansexual actually.." He corrects me. "Bi means two, Male or female.I on the other hand am attracted to all genders, regardless of whether or not they fit gender binaries."

"Oh..." I look down, feeling a bit stupid for a moment.

"Didn't I tell you to smile? You're too cute to look grim like that." He whispers right into my ear.

I feel his breath on my ear and neck and my chest feels hot and tight. I have to force myself to push away the dirty thoughts and arousal. I might be taken, but that doesn't mean I lost my libido...

"...Are you flirting with me?" I uncomfortably ask.

"No, just saying the obvious." He affirms in all seriousness.

Once again, my heart skip a beat and I surprise myself to think that maybe if things don't work out Seth and I could-- "Jesus! What's up with me?" I mumble inaudibly.

"What was that?"

"Nothing... Just talking to myself."

"You have a hard time taking compliments do you?"

"Yeah... Especially from hot guys." I say. It takes a moment for me to realize that I said it out loud.

He grins cockily at me and answers "I'll take that as a compliment."

"Yeah... I think we should stop discussing and listen to the teacher now."

"Suit yourself." He answers after giving me a shrug. In the corner of my eye, I still watch him as he takes out a sketch book and begin drawing something unrecognizable, it seems to be something abstract and meaningless to me...

Once the class end, after a long, drawn out lecture on stuff we learned last year but that the idiots forgot, Seth looks at me and asks; "So, we're getting lunch together?"

"Sure, why do you want to meet my boyfriend so bad? I mean we barely know each others. "

"I have my reasons." He state cryptically.

I lead him with me to the spot Grey currently is thinking to myself "I might just have gained a stalker..."


The End

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