Lou and I make out, rolling around his bed for several long minutes, passion burns deeply in both of us but we keep it bridled. Finally, we part after one last kiss, feeling like it is way too soon for us to stop.

Almost reluctantly, we change out of our school clothes and into something more proper for going out. Since Lucas' family goes to church every Sunday, I've decided to accompany them, hence why I keep more formal clothes here. After tying my hair into a pony tail as to get it out of my eyes, we head back down stair. 

When we arrive at the restaurant for the evening, Mia and Jennifer are already waiting for us there, both of them wearing elegant dresses, which upon seeing them almost makes me laugh as I can imagine the argument between the two to get Mia into that outfit instead of her jeans and sweater she's always in. I really love Mia, but my good does this girly dress doesn't fit her. She looks about as convincing in it as if I had put it on. 

After summary greetings, happy birthday wishes and all that, we settle down at the table Lou's father reserved, which take about half the restaurant to sit down the Tanner Clan and their guests.

When the waiter comes, I struggle a bit with the menu. When it comes to food, I'm kind of quite boring... With both of my parents working full time, I got raised eating whatever was on hand so I'm mostly used to eating stuff you just stick in the oven or microwave and eat, that or fast-food. So when it comes to Asian cuisine, I'm way out of my environment.

The waiter, after taking everyone's order stares at me expectantly so I just repeat whatever my boyfriend just ordered, which turns out to be a variation of pad thai that includes seafood.

Since Lou's being celebrated, most of the attention is turned toward him. Something he doesn't really like, being quite timid even around his family. To give him a bit of courage, i take his hand into mine under the table and focus on soothing memories, knowing the feelings will bleed off into him.

That's the good thing about having a mental link with someone, you know what the other's feeling, it makes misunderstandings rare and you can be there for the other in more ways than usual couples can.

When everyone is done, the serving staff comes to our table with a cake large enough for a wedding reception while singing happy birthday, turning Lou redder than a tomato. 

"Make a wish." I whisper to his ear when they're done.

He blows on the candle but they remain lit. He does it again and he fails again... He does it seven times until the crystalline laughter of Mary pierce the silence as she appears from under the table. 

We both shoot her a dark glance but with amused smile before he finally succeed in blowing them out.


The End

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