The SurpriseMature


Once we arrive at my driveway, after a few minutes of internal thinking. I see Grey walking toward my house.

"You want to hang out at my place?" I ask him.

"Of course, why wouldn't I?"

I sigh and shrug. "I don't know, I'm just not feeling like staying home tonight..."

He looks at me hesitantly before asking. "Mind if we just drop our bags then?"

"Oh sure." I open the door and he pushes me inside. 

The inside of you house is dark, the lights are out and the blinds are closed... Everybody must be out I guess. I get in and unceremoniously drop my backpack right next to the entry door. 

"Let me just get my wallet." I ask, going for the stairs. (I stopped bringing my wallet to school after it got robbed every week or so...)

I walk a few paces before the lights turn on abruptly and people start singing... I close my eyes to protect them from the flash and I ask myself 'What the hell is going on?'

It takes a few seconds of confusion before I actually catch on. They're singing "Happy birthday..."

What date is it? I'm secretly tempted to check on my phone but I don't get that chance as people starts hugging, high-fiving and congratulating me. I should have seen it coming, but I'm the kind of guy who forgets everything; keys, phone numbers (including my own) dates and names... It feels weird... I mean, I know I'm now sixteen but it feels like I got fifteen last week...

Birthdays are a big thing but for me they soon get kind of hectic and I can't follow what's going on too well. So the first part of the evening goes a little like this; Cheers, hugs, talking about stuff I can't remember and then gifts.

I get quite a lot of stuff, most of which I can't remember, although I got a new laptop (From martin.) Gift certificates from my favorite stores (My dad) and other various stuff from the girls, most of which is clothes.

I only get a moment of rest when I get up stair to get changed, like every years, my father take us to our favorite restaurant. Mine is actually a small but excellent Thailandese place a  few kilometers away.

Once we get alone, Grey nearly tackles me down on the bed and makes out with me. We haven't had any alone time since two days ago. I had my head elsewhere so I was kind of distant...

"I've missed you." Grey says, smiling. "I like you better when you aren't brooding."

I smile and kiss him again, drawing it on for several long minutes. If it wasn't for the fact the others are waiting for us, I'd rip off his clothes on the spot and have sex until the break of dawn.

Instead, I just settle with kisses and caressed, reserving the rest for later in the night...

The End

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