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I don't know why, but since yesterday, Lou's been completely cut off from reality, lost in his thoughts. He's been surprised, confused and shocked. But I have no idea why... 

"Will you finally tell me what's going on?" I ask him as we both walk back from our second day of school. Which was pretty boring as we were just meeting the second half of our cast of different teachers and doing lame things.

"I still need to think about it." Lou grumbles next to me. 

"Are you crushing on another guy?" I say, just teasing him. I'm not the kind who would get jealous or possessive anyway. Actually, I kind of did cheat on him at one point so it'd be hypocritical of me to react like that...

"No!" He exclaim, reacting like it was an accusation. I can see him blush though...

"Relax, I was just kidding. But judging by your reaction, I think you've got somebody in mind." I respond, grinning playfully.

"Yeah, but it's not like that. Do you remember Josh?"

"The jackass that bullied you? Yeah, he's sitting beside me in french classes..."

"Yeah, him. Yesterday, I learned he had a brother... Half brother to be exact. Josh was pushing me around when he stepped in."

"Do you get a crush on everyone who saves you from this guy?" I say, teasing him.

"Oh, shut up!" He says, laughing. "But I admit, he's kind of really hot."

"More than me?" I ask, feinting sadness.

He doesn't answer with words, instead, he just slap me upside the head. "Do you want to talk seriously or not?"

"Alright. Back to the business at hand then. What happened then?"

"Well, he asked me about what happened between Josh and I in the past and that got me thinking... Do you remember what I told you about the time I came out?"

"Yeah, you kissed the jackass and he blew your nose into bits."

"Well, I had forgotten a detail until I thought it over. When I kissed him, he didn't react right away... He stared at me for a while, and I mean like a full minute as everyone looked at us... I don't know if that means anything..."

I stop and look at him strait in the eyes. "You think he might be..."

"Yeah... I mean he's always had that stupid pride and he did care about appearances quite a lot too, something his dad hammered into his skull all his life."

"You think he reacted like that to protect himself?"

"Maybe... I mean he never showed any homophobic tendencies before that day. It was kind of why I came out to him. I thought he'd be understanding... The kissing part was just monumentally stupid though... I should have just told him. What do you think?"

"Even if that's the case, it doesn't change what he did to you after that... He went on an all out Jyhad against you for fuck's sake."

"Yeah..." He says, looking down.

We arrive back at him place after a minute of silence both of us thinking about the same thing. I think I've got a plan to get back at Josh...

But first, we've got things to take care of tonight!

The End

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