The brotherMature


It turns out that Seth is in my class, but he missed the first period so PE is going to be his first of the year.

"If you're Josh's brother, how come I never saw you before? I used to hang out with him... Before he became an asshole that is." 

"I lived in the city until today, beside, he and I barely talked before." He responds casually. 

"I'm confused... Both of you are the same age... And you lived away from your parents?"

"To be exact, we're only half brothers, our father's quite the ladies' man and he hits on everything that move... I'm honestly surprised I'm the only illegitimate son he has."

Oh, that explains it I guess. It also explain why they don't look much alike except a few details like the nose, cheeks and the same smug grin I always liked in Josh... Stop it, Lou, you're not going to start crushing on him... I've got a boyfriend for Pete's sake.

"Why did you move here?"

He offers me a sad smile before answering. "My mother's fallen ill. She'll survive, but she can't take care of me so she sent me here with the failure that's supposed to be my father."

"Oh... I see..." I say, looking down.

With his fingers, he grab my chin and raise my head. "What are you all feeling bad about? I'm alright and so is she. You don't need to feel bad."

I smile shyly at him before he let go of my face. "Just keep smiling, you're cuter that way."

When he says those words, I blush so badly I'm redder than a tomato... "Thanks..." I mutter barely above a whisper.

"What is it that Josh has against you exactly?" He then ask, either not seeing my embarrassment or not paying attention to it.

"I'm gay..." I admit. "And I came out by kissing him..."

He turns at me, staring at me for a second one of his eyebrows raised and examining me...

"That explains a lot." He comments.

"I shouldn't have done it..." I whine "Or at least not like that."

"You couldn't have known how he would have reacted."

"I should have..." I stop myself mid-sentence. He was right, thinking about it, before I came out, he had never shown any homophobic tendencies...

"It seems like you've just realized something." Seth notes, looking at me expectantly. When he sees I don't answer, he then questions me. "How did he react when you kissed him?"

"He broke my nose."

"That's all?"

In my mind, I see the scene again, I see him taking me away from our friends, I see him talking me into admitting it, I see my lips meet his, the brief contact of our mouths, the moment of dead silence after that and finally I see his fist up my nose and blood spraying out...

That pause... 

How long was it? A minute? Two minutes?

Why did he wait for so long before demolishing me... He could have just hit me when I kissed him or before that, pushed me away...

The End

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