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As I sit down at my assigned place in the french class, I can feel a flare of panic and anger wash across me, Lou is in trouble...

Damn it... I can't just waltz off from the class right now, at least not without mind controlling the teacher to let me go. Which Lou won't forgive me for doing it. I Sense his feelings now turning into confusion and fear. 

I'm about to stand up and ditch class when the feelings of my boyfriend do a complete one-eighty turn, they turn to relief with a dash of enjoyment.

"Mary!" I call her mentally, unless she touches me, she can't hear my thoughts, but she can feel the intent of them so she just slither towards me. 

"Yes, sweetie pie?" She ask, taking her human form again, that of a fifteen years old girl.

"Go watch Lou." I scribble on a blank paper sheet. She nods in agreement and leave the class room, moving through the walls toward Lou's position.

My attention turns back toward the teacher, who's presenting herself and speaking of the year ahead of us, the typical stuff except she's speaking in French which not everyone understands. Personally, I get around pretty well in nearly a dozen language.

Not because I'm a genius or anything, it's just that with my psychic mojo, I can read the memories of the previous owner of an item, with that also comes the understanding of the words.

After a few minutes of presentation and me translating to those who don't understand what is being said, the room's door open and a dude come in, apparently late to his second class of the year... 

After checking in with the teacher, a young blonde that clearly speaks French as her primary language yet, she has a flawless English too, the late guy sits down at the last remaining chair in the class; The one beside me.

When our eyes meet, we shares an irritated sigh. 

"What's up with fags today." He spat at me.

"You're the moron who spent most of last year annoying us." I remark out loud. "It's so nice to see you again."

He only responds with a guttural growl to my statement and he ask the teacher to change place. When she responds, he blink confusingly...

"She just said that you can't change place until she knows the group dynamic and that in the future, if you have a question, you're supposed to ask in french." I translate to him with a hint of mockery. 

"Oh, shut up."

"Ouch, what a devastatingly witty reply." I mock him.

He just pronounce more cavemanesque sounds and doesn't answer to a word of what I say anymore. 

So far, the year is off to a horrible start, I'd ask if things could get any worse, but I'm sure God, the universe and everything would take it as a challenge rather than a rhetoric question...

Oh well, I've still got my secret weapon in cases like these... I plug the ear buds into my ear and crack up the volume to eleven, flooding my mind with rock and replacing everything else.

The End

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