My second period of the day is PE so I need to get changed into my gym clothes. I don't hurry too much however, I'm generally always late for PE because of the whole changing clothes thing. 

It's very distracting to be in a room full of half-naked (Or totally naked) guys for me. The last thing I want is having people stare at me for getting a boner in the locker room on the first day of school... It'd be better if I could change with the girls instead... There's mandatory showers after every PE class so I can't just change in the bathrooms. I hate these stupid school rules...

As I run around a corner however, I bump strait into someone. Bumping being literal in this case. The guy drops his book on the floor. 

"Sorry..." I meekly say.

"What where you're going..." The guy responds...

There's an awkward silence for a second as we both recognize each others.

"Oh... Hi Josh." I greets him venomously.

"Lucas..." He spits out.

You see, Josh was once my best friend. That was until I come out of the closet to him, he broke my nose and spent months tormenting me with a bunch of other close-minded assholes that were once my friends.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" He asks me, shoving me. "Pick my shit up, dumbass."

I have a moment of panic, after all, I'm barely above five feet while the guy is over a head taller than me... I'm silently debating just ditching him versus doing what he asked when someone else interfere.

"Don't you have something better to do than picking on kids?"

Much to my surprise, Josh turns livid for a second as he turns around.

"What are you doing here?" This one spits out, surprised.

The guy who just butted in steps closer, although I don't recognize him, Josh on the other hand clearly does. The guy looks about our age, upon seeing him, my eyes are naturally drawn to his'. 

He stares at Josh with his really bright green eyes that are surrounded by skater like red hair, and I don't mean carrot top red, I mean blood red. Next, my eyes drift across his body, He's not that much taller than me, maybe three or so inches. 

His clothes however makes him stand out, with long toe socks that got turned into gloves, a tight black tanker that expose a tattoo on his upper arm and finally leather pants. (Yummy...)

The two of them stares at each other for a moment before Josh grabs his stuff without a word and leaves...

"Thanks." I say to the odd looking dude.

"Don't mention it. What's your name kid?"

"Lucas, You can call me Lou." I say to him, blushing.

"Well Lou, I'm Seth. Nice to meet you." He says grinning. "You have any Idea where the gym is?"

I nod at him "I can show you where, I'm going there too anyway. Say, how do you know Josh?"

"Joshua? As much as I hate to admit it, he's my brother." He declares rolling his eyes.

I stop... His what?

The End

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