As I step out of the classroom, I feel Lou's arms wrapping around me as his body smash into mine. If it wasn't for the fact we share a bond, he would have had his face smashed against the floor as I'd have suplexed him...  That's the kind of reflex you develop when things try to murder you on a weekly basis.

"What's the matter?" I ask.

"OhmygodImissedyousomuch!" He says, speaking so fast I can barely comprehend. 

"It's only been an hour Lou..." I say, dragging him out of the way to let the others move around. We get a few odd glares but nobody comments upon seeing two dudes hugging. They've probably gotten used to it since the last year.

"Trust me, it felt like sooooo much more." 

"I felt your frustration from over here." I whisper in his ear.

"I hope your homeroom teacher isn't as bad as mine."

I shrug "I don't really know, I barely paid attention to her."

We make out blatantly, right in the middle of the hallway. Some of the first years pass by and snicker but we ignore them. After a long and drawn out kiss, we step away. Next to us, I notice Mia and Jen doing the same, except their's is set to whistles of jocks rather than the silent stares and occasional laughs we get.

I don't get the whole lesbians girls are hot but Gay boys are icky and gross thing, maybe it takes a caveman's mind to understand it. Or maybe they just think that it's two bisexual chicks that might just be interested in a three-way... I don't get why most guys are obsessed with sex...

"Is bucal exploration time over?" I ask once the two ladies break off.

"Unless you want to try with me." Jen propose cockily. Knowing her, I can't actually know if she's serious or not...

Regardless, Lou wraps an arm around possessively me and silently pronounce the word "Mine." with his lips.

"Guys, let's not spark a french kissing orgy here." Mia comments jokingly. "How did your first period go?" She then ask me and her girlfriend.

I just shrug at her and express my feelings with a overwhelmingly emotional "Meh."

On her end, Jennifer starts recounting every single detail of who's in her class, Despite the year having started about three hours earlier at best, she knows most of the people in her class by name and could very well describe them to a sketch artist...

Of all of us, she's not bothered to be in another class, she's a huge socialite so she just makes friend with her new class mates. Something which I hadn't bothered to try since I moved into this town a year ago.

When the bell finally rings, I say bye to everyone and then she tackles Mia and I as Lou walks away to his next class.

"You guys remember about tomorrow right?" She asks. 

"Tomorrow?" I reply cluelessly.

"You can't have forgotten can you?"

I stare at her for a second until the light in my head flashes... How did I forget that? I'm an idiot and I need a calendar... Actually,  I just need to check my calendar from time to time... 

The End

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