Mr. Drone-a-lot.Mature


That year, my homeroom teacher was some kind of old mook, I didn’t know why, but the term already seemed to fit him. I was seriously considering clawing my eyes out as he took over half an hour presenting himself, doing so in one of the most rambling introductory speech I had heard in just about ever.

It really didn’t help he speaks in a low, subdued, mechanical tone with a word count flow so slow I could have spelled the words faster than he actually said them... "Please god tell me he just makes us read the book and not explain it himself in the actual classes..." I mumbled silently to myself.

The only good news is that I was sitting next to Mia, he hadn’t enforced any seating plans, So that was one good thing I could at least say about him, we just spend most of the period chatting in a low voice. 

"Are you alright?" She whispered to my ear.

"Yeah..." I muttered back. "I just wish Grey was in our class... Don't you feel the same about Jen?"

She hid a tiny snicker under her breath. "To be honest, not really. She makes it really hard to concentrate in class and I do like school."

"That's not really my case..."

"We'll still see them at lunch breaks. Beside, Grey switched his second option to art instead of extra PE so you get some classes together, right?" She tried to cheer me up. "Worse case scenario, use Mary to pass notes."

I smiled when she said that and she elbowed my ribs playfully. After a few more minutes of droning by the teacher, who I couldn’t be bothered to remember the name of, the first torture session-- I mean English period was over.

I dashed out the door, almost tackling other students down to get out of the room. The nice thing about having a mental bond with someone, as awkward as it can get, like say getting turned on by some guy and having you boyfriend know about it, was that we didn’t need much planning, we always knew how to find each other. 

Behind me, Mia didn’t question where we were heading or in my case, racing to, she was the only person outside our family that's aware of our condition. Most people would find it weird or freaky, but over the last six months or so, she's began learning how to unleash the legions of hell... Literally that is.

Being the atheistic, scientific inclined chick she was, you would have never guessed that of all people she would be the one to become a witch. Or is it sorceress? Or wizardess?

Obviously, I'm not the go-to guy for supernatural definitions... Actually, I was still in the dark about the whole magic thing, ghost and psychics I get but what exactly is the difference with that and magic? I'll have to ask her about it one day... 

After running for half the school's length, not crashing into anyone by what can only be called a miracle, I come to where Grey is, tackling him into a hug.

The End

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