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And finally, my name was called... 

Classroom 404... I'm wasn’t with Lou. Actually, I'm wasn’t with anybody I knew. I didn’t recognize anyone from the previous year's class either. That sucked...

In one of the group, in fact slightly apart from it, I noticed Lou and Mia hanging out together. In another, 401 I think, I Saw Jennifer who's also apart from our tiny clique Although it doesn't seem to phase her as she was already chatting with people from that group. 

From our four man team, she was the one who drew the sharpest contrast. We're all sort of introverted while she's outgoing, cheerful and constantly joking around... I don't know why but it's something that always irked me when I'm with her.

"It's because she made you think of me." An observant voice claimed beside me.

I had to suppress the urge to jump out from getting startled. Next to me, Mary, my spectral ex-girlfriend just hanged around mid air, sitting her legs crossed atop, absolutely nothing, it was an advantage of being a ghost, specter or a wraith, physics was more of a suggestion than anything else.

However, she had a point, Mary was very much like her... And until recently, Mary had been in some kind of ghostly PMS murderous rage frenzy... When ever I looked at Jen, it was like looking back at the most painful part of my past, when Mary was sane and nice.

As the groups left, heading for their respective home rooms, I shoot a wave and a smile at Lou who was walking away, looking quite grim. Next to me, Mary's messed around with the rest of the class, pranking people that couldn’t possibly notice her. After a few minutes, she came back to me, looking bored.
"Good news, bad news." She exclaim. "I'll start with the good news, None of these guys can see me."

"What's the bad news?" I asked, or rather scribbled down on paper before erasing it.

"This year is going to be Boooriing!" She said, annoyed, rolling her eyes.

Most form of spooks can't survive in the daylight, hence why they go sleeping during the day, most often in their bodies or mementoes. Which is why burning someone's corpse generally got you rid of the ghost. A memento only worked so long as someone still gave importance to the object. 

But when I rose Mary's spirit from it's slumber, I had forged a link to feed her energy which meant that as long as she stayed near me, she could be out in the daylight... Since last year's events however it also extended to Lou's proximity too.

So we're now ghost-sitting part time. Not that we minded, she could be good company ever since she didn’t just spend her time drooling about vengeance and making people suffer... It wasn't pretty back then...

So I ended up spending the rest of the first class not listening to a word of what was being said after the introductions, just blankly staring at Mary slithering around in her odd feathered serpent form while my mind was actually occupied watching Lou's feelings...

The End

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