The gymnasium was really crowded as it now sat lightly over four hundred kids spread across three different grades. This year, my friends and I weren’t the new kids in school so it was already a plus.

The school director gives his usual speech, talking about how he wants this year to be full of accomplishments and for it to take place in calm and respect of each others. Considering people used to bully me openly, with the school turning a blind eye, it was pretty much bullshit that he was spouting off.

One by one, the teachers presented themselves. The gang and I weren’t listening though, we knew a lot of the teachers and even then they would present themselves when we see them in our first classes anyway.

"Hey Mia," I whispered to her "You got a spell to make us end up in the same class?"

She gave me a look filled with derision and I grinned at her. "Even if I did, I couldn't cast it in front of half a thousand people."

"And when she does that magic stuff, It makes my brain all itchy and stuff." Jennifer comments. 

Grey and I just stare at her. "It what?" we both ask at the same time.

"Don't ask, it'll be better. Trust me." Mia affirmed, looking almost depressed at her girlfriend’s statement.

"Ok..." I muttered, now actually even more curious to know.
"So we're stuck with dumb luck as to whether or not we're in the same class." I mumbled. "That's one chance in five..."

There were five different class of fourth grade of secondary school so we could’ve all ended up separated... Considering I had only three friends, it would suck majorly. Especially since it was mostly Grey's presence that had made the other kids stop hassling me... Otherwise he would kick them.

Silently, I prayed for us to be all together even if the chances were rather low...

Finally after an eternity, the different classroom teachers spread out and start calling for people to assign to different classes.

I crossed my fingers...

Grey, noticing my anxiety, wrapped his arms around my waist and whispered in my ear. "It's alright sweetie."

"What if we're split up?" I muttered in response.

"We're still together day and night in our mind." He says, talking about the mental link that connected both of us together.


"You're afraid of getting bullied again?" He asked.

"Yeah..." I confirmed, looking down at the floor.

"It won't happen. Not until it's over my dead body."

He hugged me tightly, so much so I could barely breathe, but I didn’t care, I really needed it. I closed my eyes, so I couldn’t see the new students staring at us. After a long quiet moment, he let go of me and gave me a brief kiss.
"You just got called sweetie. Classroom 402." He announced.

"What about you?" I asked worriedly.

"No idea yet they haven't called me since I'm in the W, remember?" He said, as they were assigning students by alphabetical orders and Walker was a long way down the list.

He pushed me toward my new class group and I tried to ignore the people looking at me and gossiping, some of them laughing... This is why I hate school... The kids there are always so damn mean and cruel.

What does it change if I like boys instead of girls? Grey's the only guy who hasn't cared about it. Even before we realized our feelings for one another.

The End

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