Back in Gray - The end of summerMature

Book two of Lost in Gray.
Gay romance and Mature contents. You have been warned!

Now that Carlos is gone for good, Lou and Grey will have to face the things that have been hiding in the dark for ages. All while surviving the trials of those who have taken a new interest in them...


I couldn’t believe that it was already September... Summer was over and today school start again. My boyfriend and I were walking from home to our high school. 

"It's been a year Already?" Lucas sighed. "We've known each others for almost a year..."
With my fingers I pushed away the long brown waves that is called his haircut so I could look into his eyes.

"Why are you feeling so nostalgic Lou?"

"Last year has been so hectic I can't believe it's already over." He replied with a smile. "And there's no more spending twenty-four/seven together with school starting again... My dad‘s not going to let us."

He had a point about how crazy it had all been, our last school year had mainly consisted of us fighting ghosts, specters and the supernatural. With that over, we were back to being normal teens... Sort of, psychic teen with a ghostly girlfriend hanging out with us. But that was still closer to normal than I ever had since I was twelve.

Since then, I had developed psychic powers, had the ghost of my dead girlfriend hangs around me after becoming a psychotic specter (She's better now) I also had to fight another even more insane specter all while being in school... 

Oh and I discovered I was bisexual and got a really cute boyfriend too.

"You're quiet, Grey." He pointed out.

"Sorry, I was just lost in my thoughts." I said, smiling back at him. 

"I really hope we're in the same classroom again this year. With Mia and Jennifer too."

These two had become our best friends. The school, being full of idiot teens, was quite homophobic so we had been the first couple out of the proverbial closet. Lou had been out for a while and had been bullied because of it before I had met him. Jen and Mia were one of the other gay couple that had manned up. Or ladied up, I guess.

"If we're not, I can always ask the school director." I insinuated, placing a special emphasis on the word ask.

"No mind control, bad Grey!" Lou said, playfully hitting me on the arm.

I bursted out laughing "Alright, Alright, Just stop hitting me!" 

He laughs with me and our lips meet, we kiss in front of the school yard's entrance, not caring who could see us.

"So cuuuute! Can I take a picture?" A girl ask in a high pitched and over enthusiastic tone.
I blocked her phone's field of view with a hand and finish the kiss. "Morning Jen, and no, Lou's mine." I respond and grin possessively.

"Laaaameeeee." She sighed out, stretching the vowels.

I have to admit, Jen wouldsometimes get on my nerve, with her bubbliness, her abusive amount of energy and flashy style.

"Where's Mia?" Lou asked the pink and lime green wearing she-devil.

"She's running late." She pouts and then claims. "And I'm the one with the make up and all."
After a few minutes of waiting and idle chat with Jen, her girlfriend finally arrive, her style clashing with Jen's. Mia simply went with Jeans and a red hoodie with next to no make up except some eyeliner. I wouldn't say she's a butch, but she's more of a tomboy than Jen. She's also smarter and tolerable.

"Sup guys and gal?" She greets us.

We all greet her back and then She, Jen and Lou exchange hugs while I stayed back. I was the anti-social guy of the group after all.

The bell rang, and the teachers began directing students to the gymnasium for the opening speech and class assignments.

The End

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