you decide that you should pull down your pants, since everyone else is too and you know that you have diapers on underneath anyways. you take off your pants to find your suspicions are true, that you have 3 diapers on underneath your pants. you then ask yourself why would you have on 3 diapers?

the answer comes immediately. you push away the thought, feeling the need to poop.

your turn comes up to use the training potty, and really need to poo. you go up to the training potty, sit on it, and poop! after pooping, you realize that you forgot to take off your diaper.

after getting up, you look at your diapers in the mirror, and see that they are going to leak if you poop any more. "so that's why i have to wear 3 diapers at a time" you think to yourself.

your teacher pulls you up onto the changing table and decides that you should wear 4 diapers at a time.

where does this story go now?

The End

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