one week later...

one week after the pants-pooping incident you notice that, including yourself, the entire school is wearing diapers and doing their business in the middle of class, the bathroom stalls replaced with diaper changing tables.

everyone is even wearing the same diapers as you, with no pants overtop, like you, which would be the thickest diaper ever:boom boom jeans;they have the same pattern as jeans, the same color, until you poop them that is due to the amount of poop everyone in the school makes hourly, someone pooping and adding to that sweet smell every minute or so, and when that happens they poop so much that they broke the chairs until they put in chairs with open backs. not to mention the fact that these diapers were the thickest diaper in the known universe.

just then, you feel the need to poop, and badly, but you push it away. however it comes back in ___ period class to haunt you.

The End

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