Pooped yourself at the house of your moms friend

You were being brought to the house of your moms friend today. They wanted to talk about this formal or something for their work that they were both going to. Your moms friend didn't have any kids your age, but she did have a 4 year old girl. She was still in diapers and never used the potty. You hoped to soon be in her situation.

After an hour there, you felt the need to poop. You smiled and walked out into the living room where your mom and her friend was. Casually, you sit down and start pushing. A warm mess filled the back of your jeans and a foul stench emanates from the area.

The two adult woman sniff the air and laugh. "Looks like little Emma needs a change!" she says referring to her baby, but soon finds out that her baby was clean. "Huh?" she says. They turn to look at you and you pretend to be embarrassed. "I'm very sorry Dahlia." your mom says. "It's okay Laura." Dahlia said.

Your mom whispers something into Dahlia's ear. Dahlia smiles and walks over to you. "Let's go get you pampered!" she says happily. She takes you into a changing room and lays you down on a table. She takes off your pants and messy undies and slides a diaper under you. How do you react?

The End

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