Peed your pants at a dinner party

Tonight your mom had been invited to a fancy dinner party. This was the perfect opportunity to have an accident AND make it completely justifiable. Your mom didn't like you to leave her side during these events, so you were going to have an accident while she didn't allow you to leave.

You made sure to drink a lot of fluids that night and were ready to burst by the time you planned to have your accident. Your mom was talking with a bunch of her friends when you felt the need to go. Pretending to put on a show, you ask your mom if you can go to the bathroom. As you expected, she didn't allow you to leave her side. A few minutes later, you were wetting yourself and a puddle was forming on the ground.

The adults looked at you with disgusted faces and your mom dragged you into a family bathroom. In there, she said...

The End

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