Sam, 6-year old, sweet friendly and Kim, 13, Sam's older sister, hates babysitters

Just because Dahlia was popular with the majority of kids, one was an exception. Sam was an adorable girl, sweet and friendly (with bladder issues), but Kim was a nightmare. 13 years old, the rebellious phase, Dahlia remembered it well...

When she wandered in, her eyes met with the condescending stare of Kim, who Dahlia noticed had a bulge in her jeans as her eyes wandered. Once the parents had left, once she had been greeted by lovely Sam, she felt drawn towards Kim and went up to her room.

Typical rebel phase... Dahlia thought as she rattled the doorknob. Kim's door was locked -- Dahlia heard panicked breaths behind the door, and crinkles...

"Hey? What's wrong, Kim?"

There was silence behind the door.

"I know you don't like me, but what's going on?"

Dahlia heard the door slowly unlock, and as she opened it she saw... 

The End

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