Baby Steps; Too Little, Too Many

A spin-off to 'Total Eclipse of the Heart': A short story about Halo and Dreamer's background as small children and how it was never exactly love at first sight for them.

"UGH! Angel-kun! Get this thing off of me!" six year old Dreamer cried at the top of his lungs. "Huh? What thing???" sixteen year old Angel looked away frantically from his history homework. Dreamer pointed his stubby little finger at the three year old toddler, Halo, who was clutching tightly at the trim of his black and white schoolboy uniform. "Aw how sweet!" Angel cooed. "ANGEL-KUN!" Dreamer whined. "Neko-chan - coming to the rescue!" five year old green-haired (purple eared and tailed) Neko screamed, stampeding into the room, about to trample Halo. "Neko!" Angel gasped, swiftly scooping the child off up the ground. "What? I was only trying to lend Dreamer-chan a hand", Neko pouted. "Exactly!” Dreamer insisted, Halo still gripping onto his clothing. "Well hasn’t it ever occurred to you that just maybe Halo might want something from you?” Angel suggested, turning back to his homework. "But what could it actually want from me?!" Dreamer kept complaining. "Maybe for you to stop calling her an ‘it’", Angel muttered, grabbing a pencil. "Why don’t you ever solve my problems? I have issues to you know!" Dreamer cried throwing himself on the floor and screaming into the carpet – Halo however was still gripping tightly onto him. “Please...stop...yelling,” Angel pleaded, gritting his teeth, trying desperately to concentrate on his homework. Dreamer than stood up pouting and pointed over at Neko. “This is your entire fault!” Dreamer accused. “What??? How is it my fault?” Neko questioned, quite bewildered. “I didn’t say it was your fault!” “You’re pointing at me and you just said so!” “Oh, mistake” Dreamer snapped his head back to Halo and struck her forehead with his finger, "Leave me alone!" he whined. Halo continued keeping her miniature fists clung deeply into Dreamer’s shirt, pressing her head against his stomach. "Eh?!” Dreamer blushed, twitching and flailing his arms about, "Angel-kun!! "Just give Halo what apparently she’s working so hard to get from you". "I don't know what she wants!" Halo pulled lightly at Dreamer’s uniform and looked up at him. "Stop it!" "Why don’t you stop it first for a change?” Angel wondered aloud. "Well, what would you do if you were in my situation?" "Me? Simple: I’d pick her up – just like any small child who wants to be held by ones they admire. Maybe that’s what she wants," Angel said to him. "...I actually have to touch...that?" "Dreamer! You know better!" “B-but!” Dreamer stuttered, he glared down at Halo in pure disgust and gave in, "Whatever! I don’t care anymore! My life is over as it is, so what should it matter!" “You’re only six,” Angel laughed silently. Ignoring him, Dreamer wrapped his arms around Halo and hoisted her up into his arms. "Now if you don’t mind, I’ll be taking this pain in the neck somewhere where it truly deserves to be," Dreamer informed him, marching towards the door. "Don’t even think about-!" the door slammed loudly before Angel even had a chance to finish. Sighing, he tried continuing on with his homework. “Don’t even think about dumping her somewhere away from the orphanage.” An hour hadn’t passed and soon enough Dreamer and Neko were striding down the hallway, ramming into every door until they finally rammed into Angel’s room door and broke in. "Angel-kun!" the two yelled in unison. "For the love of all that is kind and good – what is it this time?!?!” Angel clasped his hands over his face at the sound of their whiney voices. "You..." Dreamer narrowed his eyes, "...are a sick man!" "What?! What could I possibly have done?" Angel blinked in wild confusion. "Do you not see this?!" Neko spun Dreamer, who was pouting and folding his arms across his chest, around pointing at Halo who had fallen asleep on top of his right broad shoulder. "Aw!"Angel cooed yet again, “I need my camera!” "Cut that out!" Dreamer cried. "I don’t know, Dreamer, I see nothing wrong with it," Angel chuckled. The two young boys stared angrily at Angel, un-amused. "...Angel-kun, don’t get me started listing all the possibilities of what are wrong with this very picture!" Dreamer warned. Angel groaned and reluctantly stood up off his seat, "You know if this is such a big deal to you boys, I’ll watch after Halo". "We love you Angel-kun!" Neko mewed, shoving Dreamer forward, unknowingly. In the blink of an eye, Angel grasped the small child in his arms, "Everything good now?" "We're off the hook!" Neko and Dreamer shouted in merriment. "I can finally read in peace!" Dreamer said, almost selfishly. "I can play with my yoyos again!" Neko threw himself against Dreamer. "I can hang out with the older kids!” "I can chew on my mouse toy in front of the fireplace!" Angel and Dreamer stared blankly at Neko. "..Say-wha??..." “Someone has problems,” Dreamer remarked coldly. "You don’t think I have problems, right Angel-kun?!" Neko cried. "No!" Angel insisted, reassuringly, “of course you don’t, no!” Neko looked up at him, unconvinced. “No...Okay, yes ". "Angel-kun! That’s not fair!" Neko whimpered. "Hey, wait a minute. Before jumping to conclusions, I must inform you it’s a special kind of problem. A problem that makes you unique," Angel assured him. "Like...the special cat goddess, Bastet, of Lower Egypt who was admired by all and made all domestic cats royalty!?" Neko persisted. "Sure..." Angel said, playing along with it, "exactly that kind of special". "Hooray! Guess what Dreamer-chan???" Neko called out to him. "What is it?" Dreamer asked carelessly, keeping his attention on a book in front of him. "I’m Bastet!" "Isn’t she a chick?" "I don’t care!" "Hey, Neko...". "Huh? What is it, Angel?" "Where'd Halo go...?” "NO!!!" Without hesitation, Neko and Angel jumped up and ran as fast as they could into the main room, and right before their eyes, saw Dreamer piled under a mess of books with Halo sitting proudly on top of the pile. Giving up at last, Neko flung himself to the floor and heaved a sigh. "I am no longer a part of this," Angel said, hurriedly leaving the main room. "NO!!!" Dreamer shrieked, "you just love seeing me miserable don’t you?!?!" Halo simply looked at him and nodded with an innocent smile.
The End

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