How old would you say you were?

Babies seem to be popping out from everywhere at the moment. Everywhere I look, babies. Don't get me wrong, I love babies, but when did This happen? It's like someone just flicked a switch and we went from partying and socialising to drinking endless cups of tea and telling myself off if I'm not in bed by 930 pm!


I sit bolt upright in bed as I wake to my new (well it was new 5 months ago) 'alarm'. This one though, doesn't have a snooze button. I stagger into the next room, where the wailing is pouring from. Anna-rose is in a full body arch with her arms out-stretched underneath her lifting half her body off the cot mattress. I pick her up and put her on the boob (my once sexy breasts now get refered to as 'the boob'. Anyway, they are the only thing that she seems to want in the wee hours of the morning. 

Once shes fed I change her nappy and make my way out to the kitchen with AR sitting on my hip sucking my hair. I flick the jug on (without checking whether there is any water in it) and swipe my iPad into life. Even though it's only 5am and I checked Facebook right before I went to bed, I tap the blue "F" on my screen and see what I've missed over night. My newsfeed is filled with photos of mini humans ranging from 'just-out' to 'just-walking'. It makes me think...when did this happen?

Not too long ago my friends and Facebook friends (Let's face it half of your Facebook friends aren't really your friends) were only really concerned with drinking, hanging out and other general selfish stuff. We didn't have any one else to really worry about. And now it's all about what brand of nappies are the best at keeping the wee in and how puréed should pureed food really be?

Bing! My iPad springs into life.

Ah Gabby is online. Gabby is a fellow SAHM (stay at home mum) with her 6 month old little man Toby. She's good value, especially when you're having a bit of a down day.

Up pops a message "Rosey are you free?"

Free? Well yes, kind of but at the same time, not really. I'm never really properly free these days! I type back "Sure, what's up?" 

"Nothing. Everything. Men. Babies." replies Gabby

Oh o doesn't sound good. "Should I come round?" I say.

"No, I'm not home. I've left."



The End

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