BB - Babbling First Words

Chris was tugged harshly from the land of dreams by a heavy weight pressing down on his chest. He opened bleary eyes to see bright blues, a carbon copy of his own, peering at him. Chris lifted his head slightly to press his nose against that of his son's. "How did you get here, Des?" He whispered, a slight smile curving his lips as the action caused the boy to giggle.

"It didn't happen to be James, by any chance, was it? I'm sure my best friend knows that messing with my baby's sleep is not the greatest of ideas." Chris said pointedly, knowing that the other man was close by. Sure enough, a blond mop popped out from behind his bedroom door.

"Of course not. What do you take me for, Chris?"

"Of course not." Chris repeated dryly. He focused his attention once more on his son. "Are you ready to talk yet, Des? Hmm? Daddy has the perfect word for you. Lampoon. Do you want to say lampoon?"

Des just giggled. Chris smiled. "It's a funny word isn't it? When you learn to write, you can lampoon Uncle James as much as you want."


"Say lampoon, baby. Lampoon. Lam-poon."

Desmond just babbled happily. Chris smiled softly, running a hand through spiky blond hair. James smiled from his position sat on Chris' desk chair. "He'll talk soon, Chris. Some don't speak until they're 18 months. Des is only 11 months old."

Chris tapped the boy's nose gently. "I know. But I just can't wait for him to say something, anything. Technically he's already said his first word, 'daddy', although it's so garbled most of the time I'm not sure if I should count it." The two young men laughed.


Chris' wide eyes instantly flew back to look at his son. He swallowed, exchanging a quick look with his friend before focusing on the little boy lying on his chest. "Des, baby, can you say it again? Say 'lampoon' for Daddy." Chris encouraged.

Des babbled happily for a little while longer, before... "Lampoon!"

"That was clear as day!" James crowed.

Chris whooped as he sat up, his hands supporting the baby gently, before he cradled his son to his body. "Good job, good boy, Des!"

The End

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