BB - Baby Steps

Brightly coloured toys of every colour, shape and size imaginable were scattered across the living room; Chris sat cross-legged on the carpet floor surrounded by them. Des sat across from him, tiny hands clutching a bright green rattle and shaking it enthusiastically. Without any warning, the boy tossed the rattle at his father, shrieking with laughter when it smacked Chris in the forehead. The teen blinked before he leant forward and pulled his son towards him, tickling his sides mercilessly. ”Think that’s funny do you?”

A smile spread across his face as he listened to Desmond’s loud giggles. He leant back and Des pulled himself into a sitting position again, but he continued to struggle even after he was seated. His eyes widened when he realised the boy was attempting to push himself up onto his feet. Chris leant forward again, his teeth latching onto his bottom lip in eager anticipation. “C’mon Des, you can do it!” Chris’ breath caught in his throat as the boy’s legs shook slightly, his hands flying out to hover nervously near the boy’s small body.

“You can do it, I know you can.” Chris breathed as he stared intently at the baby boy. Des managed to stay upright and rose until he was teetering unsteadily on his feet. The boy gave his father a gummy grin and a giggle. He clapped his hands proudly before he lost his balance and toppled into Chris’ lap. Chris grinned as he hugged his son to his chest.

“Nearly there, Des, nearly there.”

The End

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