Babbling Baby - Babbling of a Baby

Babbling Baby Series: A series of one-shots about Baby Des and his father, Chris.

The wail of a baby ripped through the air.

Tears tracked down chubby cheeks as the child’s distressed cries continued. Chris clutched the baby to him as he bounced the boy slightly with his arms in desperation. The cries were heart wrenching to hear and silent tears were flowing from blue eyes as the young father sobbed.

“Des, baby, you have to help me. I don’t know what’s wrong!” Chris bawled along with his son as he backed into the wall, sliding down it to the floor. “I’ve fed you, changed you, played with you… I don’t know what to do, Des! Please, baby, tell me what’s wrong.” Chris clutched the baby to his chest, patting the boy’s back as an overwhelming feeling of despair flooded him.

The cries stopped suddenly as Des let out a loud burp. With quiet sniffles, the child began to settle. Chris let out a hysterical giggle when his son looked up at him with watery blue eyes, but no longer crying. “Oh, Des, I’m sorry. Daddy’s so sorry. That must have made you feel terrible.”

Chris let out a quiet chuckle as he wiped Des’ face and his own of tears. “I’m learning, Des.” The baby just let out a sigh, content, and lay against his chest, closing his eyes as he settled down to sleep. “I’m learning.”

The End

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