Nena's dilemma

Her morning had started quite well; she had not anticipated what was
going to happen on that day. Her Mama always went to work on Saturdays
and she would be left with her cousin Maya. Maya seemed to disappear
always and went to play with some boy in the neighbourhood. Only Mama
did not know this but the neighbourhood knew. Nena could not dare loose
the 'cool points' that she had earned for being a cousin that
does 'not tell' , she could not even think of jeopardising her newly
found status, not that she benefited anything except for the sticky
toffee sweets that coloured her teeth brown!

Nena's goal that morning was only to impress her Mama, so she planned to
clean the house first and prepare lunch. The meal was going to be
grilled chicken, paap and the gravy just the way mama made it. It was
neither a spoken nor confirmed tradition that Saturdays were grilled
chicken and paap only. Every Saturday Mama brought grilled chicken with
her late afternoons that she bought from OK Foods. That morning Nena had
assured her she would shame the technology and fancy big kitchen of OK
Foods, and grill the chicken instead in their new oven.

The End

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