Baba's Records

Baba's Records
Nena had no idea what to do; her mind was clouded by the terror of
lashes she would get later that day. Her Baba was a reasonable man on a
good day, a man of a few words and his belt compensated for the less
communication between him and his children. Today it was different, not
even mama could bail her out. She sat down on hard earth, the soil
immediately burning her as it was too hot, she ignored the heat and just
hugged her knees. She closed her eyes and she could almost smell the
fading leather of his belt, the heightened smell as a result of one lash
to the next. She stood up and headed to the thorn bush tree, the only
tree in the yard that was fat enough to provide shade. Late October
meant Mogoditshane was hot and dry. Her flimsy sundress and naked feet
seemed inappropriate.

She longed to be a dweller at one of the houses on the other side of the
tarred road, the ones that managed to blossom with pine trees even
though the area was semi arid. The houses were as grand as the state
house and had roofs of colour not corrugated iron and sun blinding zinc.
Where one had to buzz at the door and wait for a microphone
announcement, and dogs barked like mad as they were always on a meat
diet. Around Nena's neighbourhood a dog would not dare waste a bark;
they were too hungry for that. And so these houses always had something
that stayed with her. When she passed them she could always smell the
sanitized pool water that emanated from all the splashing. One could
hear kids singing and playing with their dogs/toys. Even though there
was a wall, she was positive she knew what was going on inside; these
kids wore Reebok flip-flops and sunscreen, their mothers would down Pina
Colada's by the pool, she could almost taste the pineapple! Through
these walled fences their happy laughter would escape and find solace in
her ears. Only today her envy was raw. Daddy at the grand house would
offer a hug and a kiss, and tell her it was okay, it was a genuine
mistake. That's what modern families did, according to the Television.
Why couldn't Baba see it like that?

The End

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