The government has made a new type of specialized soldiers. The only problem was these soldiers can think for themselves.

These agents are faster stronger, with greater agility. The phrase passed through her mind as she hit the ground on her next course. She knew she wasn't normal,she was mutated, changed, designed to kill. She felt her heartbeat in her chest, as she glanced at the challenge ahead. She rocketed through the course avoiding blades, saws, and spikes that were thrown in her face. She hit the final platform and a robotic voice announced seventeen seconds. Several seconds later three men in white lab coats walked by, with a chart.

“17 seconds.” One murmured, “two seconds better than last week, very good B-42.” He glanced at the man holding the chart. “Up her doses to 2 every four hours, and we will see what happens.” The man holding the chart nodded and jotted it down on the paper. I climbed down from the platform, at my right was a woman holding a bottle of water. I jerked it out of her hand, pushing the bottle up to my mouth and downing it. I am subject B-42, but the other’s call me Rose Blue. I believe i am seventeen, but I don't really remember. My whole life until I got to the facility is a blur, so I don’t remember life on the outside. Life in the facility is good, they gave us food and shelter just as long as we did not try to run away. Two women in white coats and black rubber gloves walked up to me, it was time for my dose. I knew the drill and no longer tried to fight it, it would only make things worse.

“Come with us B-42.” One woman said in a deceivingly sweet tone. Each woman took one of my arms to ensure I did not run. They took me through two large black doors, and down a white hallway. At the end of the hallway was a small room with a steel bolt lock door. The women opened the door and led me in. The equipment in the room was not new to me, I had seen it a million times. In the center was a large metal table with several straps attached. Above the table was a huge machine with a needle the same thickness of a pen. The whole room sent shudders down my back. I was led to the table and given the instructions to lie down. I knew what was going to happen, every fiber of my being yelled telling me not to lie down, but my brain knew better. Cooperating would just make the whole thing easier. I layed down, the cold metal burning my skin. The women tightened the straps, until I could no longer feel blood rushing through my body. The left into a separate room with a computer. The process could get slightly messy. The machine started up with a large roar. I cringed and clenched my jaw shut, as though that would stop the screams. The needle plunged into my arm sending a horrific wave of pain, shaking my body. I screamed out in pain, as the vile liquid was pumped through my veins. My whole body shook as I sobbed and cried out. The immense pain was unbearable. After fifteen minutes of tourcher, the machine pulled out, my sobs became silent. The two women walked out of the room unphased by my pain, almost as if they had not heard me at all, or worse, enjoyed it. They unstrapped me from the table and I slowly sat up.

       “Come on now.” One of the ladies said impatiently, “Let’s get you back to your room.” The walk back from the room was hazy, never clear. I barely remembered it, even though it had happen a thousand times. I stumbled into my room collapsing on my bed, my stomach churned. I thought about what the scientist said. “Two doses every four hours.” I cringed at the thought. I fell asleep and before I knew it was dinner. A large buzz echoed throughout the dorms. 300 doors swung open and 300 mutant children walked out. Most of us got to the facility before we could know the outside world. Other were not so lucky. I walked the path to the eating room, the path that I had walked for fifteen years. I waited in line, got my dinner and sat down. Just like always. Usually dinner was heavily guarded but tonight it seemed as though they were lacking in security. I wasn't the only one that noticed something was up. I began to listen to the conversations circulating the room.

       “Where are all the guards?” One girl whispered to a younger girl next to her.

       “Did something happen.” A little boy asked the girl on his right. I listened a little a longer, until a heard a conversation that really stuck out. It was quieter than all the other conversations and I knew why.

       “I heard that they are cutting back on guards.” said Neami

       “That’s what I overheard from Madam Flora.” The girl standing next to her responded.

       “Destiny, this could be our chance.” Neami said under her breath. Destiny, looked out of the corner of her eye. Our eyes met and I looked down, but it was too late. She had already seen me. The two girls began walking towards me. Neami a bigger girl who had been on the drugs longer than me grabbed my wrist, I twisted and tried to pull away, but her grip was too strong. She pulled me back.

       “What did you hear?” She asked, her piercing green eyes looking at me as though they were looking through my soul.

“No-nothing.” I stuttered, frozen in my place. Destiny looked at Neami sharing a look I will never forget. Destiny looked me in the eyes

“You know too much.” She growled. My throat got dry, and a huge knot formed in my stomach. I knew exactly what they were going to do to me. Visions of death prance through my head, how they would do, how they would hide my body. Suddenly, a sharp pain in my arm reminded me. It reminded me of the pain I have endured, countless hours under that needle taking in the drugs. Constant routine, I begin to wonder if death really isn't the best choice. Then it hit me an idea, an idea of freedom. I thought about the outside world, all the stories the other girls told. The wonders of what was held beyond the walls of our prison. I looked up into Naemi’s eyes.

“I’m coming with you.” I said in my most confident but quiet voice. Naemi laughed.

5t6“What makes you think I’m gunna let you come, you will just be a liability.” She scoffed. Within seconds I had Naemi with her arm behind her back.

“I can help you.” I insisted. Destiny looked me over, accessing me like a show dog. Her eyes, they made me uncomfortable. I wrung my wrist back and forth watching her watch me. Destiny pulled Naemi aside. All I heard was mumbling, I could not pull anything out. Naemi let out a big sigh and nodded her head.

“Be ready when we tell you.” Destiny said as she turned and walked away. My heart slowed and I let out a sigh of relief. The next few weeks were full of observing and planning. We waited, for the right moment. I focused even harder on my training.  After six weeks of training the time was right. It was a normal day, not unlike any other at the facility. I was sitting at lunch when Naemi approached me and deployed the signal. Tonight was the night, the night we will become free. I rapidly finished my lunch and went back to my room. There I sat looking in the mirror, looking at my face. I knew what happened to runaways who were caught. 12 others had already been caught. They were taken in for desensitization, an intense physical and emotional “therapy.” The kids who came back were never the same. I splashed water in my face hoping to rinse the thoughts from my mind. I looked at my clock ten minutes and they would come and get me for my next dose. I shuddered, even though I knew I would not be getting my shot. Ten minutes later my door buzzed to women walked in. I let them walk me to the room, but as soon as we were in I delivered a fatal blow to each women’s neck. I had to act fast, it would take about 15 minutes for them to discover I was gone. I grabbed an Id off one ladies belts. Running down the hall I found Destiny’s and Naemi’s Cells and unlocked them. Time for the next step I thought. Escape from the building. After observing some of the guards on the first level, I had noticed a door that the eye scan was broken on. We headed towards our freedom running like the wind. I heard the alarms sound, we had been found out. I felt my heart pumping faster, and my lungs breathing harder, as I increased my pace. I could see the door at the end of the hall, but I could also hear the guards getting closer and closer. I skidded to a stop in front of the door, scanned the card and pushed my way into freedom. It hit me, the cold spring breeze, and the warmth of the sun. The door shut just in time for me to see the guards rounding the corner. I felt the grass under my feet, I wasn’t finished, I still had a ways to go, but I was free.

The End

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