Chapter 7: Where are we?Mature

SHYRA: Where are we?

“My great granddad entered Azoyesha but he never told anyone what was inside. He only said the he entered it. I don’t know why he didn’t tell anyone. I wanna see what’s inside and so we’re going in” shrugged Blue.

Okay, that’s weird, I thought to myself. Then I heard a noise, not just me, everyone did, and so we fell silent. I turned my body and faced the trees making sure my back was protected.

I listened intently and my body automatically went to security mode. All senses that were needed, or that were still awake, came to action. I listened hard and stared, although I couldn’t see anything in the dark. The sound was a growl and it sounded angry.

I slowly backed up closer to Ashton. I didn’t care if he was beside me, I was scared. His shirt brushed my arm and I knew we were close, too close, so I didn’t move anymore. I was shocked to see he moved in front of me, as if he were shielding me from whatever there was there.

My fantasies again, playing with me. Whatever Shyra, he’s probably just getting away from you. But that couldn’t be because he started to walk backwards slowly, and he grasped my arm, and pulled me behind him. It was a good thing he wasn’t looking at me, if he did, he’d think I was crazy. I stared at him and smiled, he does care.

I must’ve been so caught up in my thoughts that I completely muted the growling sounds in my head. I forgot there was something out there. In an instant, the growling noise blared into a maximized volume that made me jump. I was snapped back to reality and saw Hunter, Rock, and Bambi, who were in front, running towards me.

Under the light of the moon, everything that time seemed like in slow motion to me. Blue started to run toward the cave. I knew I had to run too, there was danger. But my legs seemed to not cooperate.

Then I felt someone grab me on my wrist; it was Ashton. He pulled me and we were both running heading toward the cave. Everything went to fast mode now. I ran, didn’t know where I was going, but I ran. Blue was ahead of us all and I just followed him.

We got into the cave; it was so dark that I accidentally hit a wall. The growling noise was still there. It was getting louder.

I looked out to the mouth of the cave and saw a figure of a bear. The bear was huge, it made me panic even more.

“We’re trapped” I heard Bambi say in a loud whisper.

Then I heard Ashton swear. The bear was heading towards us. I pressed my back into the cold wall of the cave with Blue and Ashton to my sides. On my left side, I saw Blue facing the wall looking for a way out. Ashton was kicking the wall and swearing the whole time.

I hope I don’t die. This is not how I wanted to die. I had plans for my future. I was going to have a family and kids and a career. I don’t want to die. Just then Ashton fell on me causing me to stumble over Blue.

I tried my best to stand up and make sure I wasn’t the bear’s target, but I couldn’t. Ashton was all over me; someone must’ve fallen on top of him. Blue then found a little opening and flashed his flashlight over it. I looked to where the light was and saw that it was a little passage way. A person who crawled inside it would fit.

I looked back to the bear and saw that it was nearer than I imagined, it got to Hunter. I could hear Hunter trying to escape from him; the bear probably got him by the leg. Blue crawled inside the hole and I followed as fast as I could. It was dark inside and it was getting hotter.

I wonder how Bambi was. I’m sure she made it, she should have. No one was talking; all I heard were short breaths of exhaustion. We crawled deeper into the hole and the growling noise faded. We were probably far from the entrance already.

I couldn’t see anything. I just kept on crawling. Ugh, I complained in my head. It’s so hot, I can’t breathe anymore. I wanted to cry. I soon felt a cool breeze blow me in the face. I knew we were going to get out. This was the end of the hole. I crawled faster so eager was I to finally end all the crawling.

I finally got out and breathed deeply. I checked the hole and out came Ashton, Rock, Bambi, and then Hunter. Rock and Ashton helped Hunter up who was limping.

I went to Bambi making sure she was alright. 

“You okay?” I asked her.

“Yeah” she answered tying her hair up into a ponytail.

“I thought I was going to die”

“I thought I was going to die. I was second to the last; it almost gave me a heart attack”

I smiled. Bambi’s alright. I looked at my surrounding and realized we were still in the same place. I could see the moon’s light just out the mouth of the cave. We must be in another cave because I don’t hear any bear sounds.

I heard Ashton swear again “Did we end up in the same spot? This is ridiculous” I could tell he wasn’t in a good mood; but I guess after what happened, who would be?

Hunter started limping out the cave. We followed him, scared there might be another bear. We stepped out of the cave and I saw the moon’s light shining. I looked around and saw the dark trees. Everything was exactly the same except there was a pathway between the trees and the moon was full. It wasn’t full the last time I saw it.

“Where are we” Bambi whispered.

“Is this Azoyesha?” asked Rock. Everyone turned to face him, as if they forgot all about it. “Is this what you guys were looking for?”

We were all just silent. I couldn’t believe I was here. If this was Azoyesha, then we literally crawled our way to get to it.

“What time is it?” asked Blue.

“Does it matter?” answered Ashton in a harsh tone.

“We left half an hour past 1, I just want to check if our watches change time because we’re in a magic land”

Bambi checked her watch; it had a little light in it so she could see “Its 1:30 AM still”

‘That’s weird” said Hunter “it should be 2 AM something by now”

“Who cares about the time? I say we go back” mumbled Ashton.

“But we just got here” said Hunter.

Ashton’s acting different. I don’t know what’s wrong with him. Okay, so maybe we’re stuck here in this unknown place, but he’s acting so cranky. He must be sleepy.

“Then where are we going to stay for the night?” retorted Ashton.

Hmmm. Definitely sleepy.

Bambi cleared her throat “Listen, it’s in the middle of the night and we’re all tired and stressed. We don’t know where we are and I’m guessing some of us are scared to crawl back into that hole. So here’s the deal, why don’t we just stay in the cave for tonight, because it would be ridiculous if we went out exploring this place at this time, let’s try to sleep, and see what we can do tomorrow when the sun is up”

Bambi looked at me and I smiled in approval. I love Bambi, she’s like a mom, only younger and cooler…and clumsier.

“I think Bambi’s right. We can just stay inside the cave for now” agreed Rock. I caught him winking at Bambi.

“Fine” said Ashton “everyone okay with that?” we all nodded.

Bambi, Hunter, and I walked back inside the cave. I sat down beside Bambi with Hunter to her right. Rock, Blue, and Ashton went to get some wood.

“How are they going to start the fire? We don’t have matches and besides, I don’t think they know how to start it with wood only”

“Oh we have matches. Blue and I brought five match boxes. We’re prepared” he smiled.

The three guys came back. Rock took his bag pack and lighted a match. He put it on the wood and started blowing it lightly to get the fire started. Soon the fire was big enough to warm all of us. The night was getting colder and I was grateful I had a jacket on.

The bonfire was at the center. Opposite to us were Ashton, Rock, and Blue. They pulled out jackets from their bags. Wow, they must be really prepared.

Although we were all quiet, it wasn’t awkward at all. It was a peaceful kind of silence. Bambi laid her head on my shoulder and yawned. She’s sleepy. Through the flames, I saw Rock looking at Bambi with concern in his eyes. I giggled in my head.

“Do you want a sleeping bag?” asked Rock.

“I have my own” answered Hunter.

“I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to Bambi”

Bambi raised her head “No no, I’m fine”

“Well then take this instead. It’ll keep you warm” he took his bag pack and pulled out a thin cloth of coverlet. He threw it to Bambi who caught it supplely.

“Thanks” she said with a smile and opened the cover. It was big enough to cover the both of us so we both snuggled in.

The pack was quiet again. Nothing could be heard except for the flames burning as if they were dancing around the wood.

Bambi rested her head on my shoulder, and even though I couldn’t see her, I knew she was asleep. My eyes started to be heavy; the last thing I saw were bright flames burning followed by total darkness.

The End

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