Chapter 5: Let the games begin.Mature

BAMBI: Let the games begin

Everyone finished bathing after 15 minutes. We sat by the rock to wait for Ms. Vixy’s next instruction.

“Girls, I know a way to have higher points. Just look around for Ms. Vixy’s whistle” said Becka out of nowhere.

“Huh?” was all we could say.

“Hello?! Haven’t you notice she’s not using her whistle. All the Leaders have whistles, I’m sure she hid it somewhere and we have to find it later”

It was an odd thing to think about but oh well, she’s our leader, no matter how insane she may be, we have to follow her. None of the Gold girls replied. Some of us just stared at the waterfall and some at Ms. Vixy.

After some while we heard boys talking. Great, they’re here. I rolled my eyes. Sir Junar appeared with the Blue, Red, and Green team behind him. Most of the boys didn’t have their shirts on and all of them appeared to be wet.

“Did they already bathe?” asked Didi, one of my team mates

“I think so” I answered looking only at the red team wondering where Rock was.

All the boy teams settled between the Violet Girl team and ours. Ms. Vixy went to the Pink team and motioned them to sit near us. Sir Junar then sounded his whistle and all was silent.

“Okay. The boys have had their bath, and I trust that the girls did too. Today we will start earning points for the competition. Games people, we will be having games today”

Ms. Vixy continued “First game will be tug of war”

There was a loud cheer from the boys. I guess they knew they would win. Ms. Vixy opened her bag pack and took out a long rope.

“Now, rules first. No one is allowed to go back to camp unless injured or needs something important, but ask our permission first” Ms.Vixy disentangled the rope.

Then Sir Junar spoke “When you hear the sound of my whistle, two short sounds and one long, that means you run to the water. The last person in, his or her group will lose a point”

“All of you have 10 points for now. That will increase and decrease depending on how good you guys are today.” added Ms. Vixy.

Then an unexpected whistle sounded; two short blows and one long. Everyone bolted for the water. Everything happened all of a sudden that if we were in slow motion right now, you could see that everyone was forcing their muscles to move.

I got close to the water and slipped but I managed to catch myself. Once in the water I looked back, expecting someone to be behind; but found no team member. I turned around and found everyone in the water and realized that everyone got into the water in time.  

The place was buzzing with laughter and shock with every team member talking about how unexpected that was.

“Omg. That was so cool. Were you frightened? I couldn’t believe Sir Junar would blow his whistle so unexpectedly” a voice came from behind me.

I knew who it was the minute she said the first word “I know. And you know what Shyra, I slipped”

She looked at me in confusion and then shot her head back and laughed “Congratulations Bambi. That’s the first time you fell” she said while clapping her hands.

“Whatever Shyra” I rolled my eyes “I slipped, I didn’t fall” she continued laughing “By the ways, I met a guy, his name’s Rock”


I opened my mouth to answer her but then Sir Junar sounded his whistle again getting everyone’s attention.

“Very good, I’m impressed. Now, when I blow my whistle, this time three short ones, you come out of the water and line up according to teams”

My body automatically went to alert mode, as if it were expecting another unexpected blow from Sir. I looked at the people in my sides and realized that they were also on alert mode. Everybody’s muscles tightened ready to jump out of the water.

Sir Junar and Ms Vixy looked at each other and laughed out loud; looks like they saw all of us prepared to jump. My body relaxed and then I turned to Shyra to tell her who Rock was. However the moment I turned my body, the unexpected sound of the whistle came.

I forced my body to turn back around and put my legs into action. It wasn’t easy running in the water. I finally got out and ran to Becka who was already standing in front waiting for her members to line up behind her. Only the leaders Becka, Shania, and Will were out of the water first.

“Okay kids, that was just a trial. You know what to do next time you hear those whistles. Now, let the games begin” shouted Ms. Vixy.


I was located somewhere near the end. Everyone waited for the whistle to blow, when it did, I drained all my strength into pulling the rope. I knew all the girls were putting as much effort into pulling the rope too but somehow I knew we could do better. The boys were obviously winning; the thought of it made me pull the rope harder. The girls could win tug-of-war against the guys, of course we could.

All of a sudden, I felt the rope being pulled in by the boys, being grabbed by them. I tightened my hands around the rope holding it as if it were my life and pulled it with more force. The boys must’ve put more force into their side too because in that moment, the whole girls team went crashing to the ground. I lost my grip and felt the rope slide away from me and I fell along with the other girls.

The boys shouted and cheered. They threw their hands in the air and jumped up and down. We could’ve taken them down. We could have. I was too tired to stand so I sat my self up and stared at the still cheering guys. I spotted Blue and Hunter in the back, throwing their fists into the air and shouting more. Then I saw Rock laughing. He turned around and saw me too. I quickly looked away.

Ms. Vixy shouted “Boys win!” and there was an even greater cheer from the boys.

Then the whistles came again; two short blows and one long. There wasn’t enough time to stand so since the water was just near me, I crawled. I got to the water in time and stood up in the deeper part. Shyra got to me.

“Are we going to be pulling rope all day?” she asked.

“Quit whining, don’t you think its fun?”

“Do you?”

I didn’t answer her. The first three rope-pulling games were fun. But then it got boring when we did the tug of war thing eight times already. The boys wanted to pull rope.

“See” She knew she was right.

Mr. Junar silenced everyone with his whistle and then began to talk “Next game kids. The longest line”

“WHOHOO!” shouted Shyra and I at the same time.

The three short whistle sounds came and we were out of the water. We lined up according to team. This time we weren’t facing the water. We were facing the side. The longest line wasn’t a game I really enjoyed but I didn’t hate it that much either.

The Pink Girl members were at our left and at our right were the Red Boy members. I was the fourth girl from the front. I wonder where Rock was.

“Rules! Whatever is on you is the only thing you can use. Lay them down in a straight line and the longest one is the winner. Be…” she paused looking for the right word “…creative. I’ll give you 3 minutes to talk about what you’re going to do” Then she and Mr. Junar lay the rope in a straight line, horizontally, in front of all of us “This is where you start”

Then a whistle blew and Becka who was in front pulled us all together forming a circle. “Here’s what we do. We go in there one by one, I’ll go in first, we take out everything we have to offer, our shirt, slippers, socks, shoes, clips, whatever; any little thing will do. After you’re done with the things, lie down there. The girls with long hair extend them. If you don’t have long hair, extend your arms. We have to win this, girls”


“Now go line up again, and look smart” she looked at all of us and then broke the circle.

We lined up again. The teams that were also finished were the Violet team and the Blue team. Becka stood in front with her head high and looked at Shania with a sly smile. Shania also did the same and acted like she didn’t care at all.

The whistle blew and all the teams who weren’t in line, lined up. Sir Junar and Ms. Vixy straightened the rope again.

“You go at the sound of my whistle. 3…2…1…” and he blew his whistle.

Becka ran to the line bringing everything she had to offer. She lined up her flip-flops and straightened her ankle bracelet and bracelet. She took off her uniform shirt because she was wearing a tank-top inside. Then she motioned for the next girl to come in. The girl lines were longer than the guys. The girls had more things on than the boys, so of course we’ll win.

I laughed at the boys who only had to offer their shirts; some their shorts. I looked at my left side and saw that the Pink and Violet Girl members had the same long line as ours. I checked myself looking at what I could put down for the team.

I was so busy checking myself that I didn’t notice it was my turn. Two girls were already lying on their stomach extending their arms. I took off my shirt, I was wearing a tank top inside. I took out my slippers and my bracelet and extended them full length. Oh no. That’s all I have. Becka looked at me and checked to see what I could give. But there was nothing more. She told me to lie on my stomach too and extend my arms.

I was lying on the floor. I checked my left and looked straight ahead. The Pink Girl members had a really long line.

“Pink Team leading” announced Ms. Vixy.

I looked to my right and saw that the boys were in trouble. They had nothing else to give. All of the teams were lying on the ground now. Becka was checking us all, seeing if we could lie something on the ground.

“Bras, take your bras off girls! You’re lying on your tummy so don’t worry” Becka shouted to each of us but not loud enough for the other teams to hear.

I heard the Red Boy team snicker. This is crazy. Ugh. We gave our bras to Becka and then she lay them down vertically and our line went longer. 

Then I heard Ms. Vixy count “10…9…8…7...”  Becka ran to the top of the line and lied flat on her stomach. The other team leaders did too. “6…5…4...” I looked at my left side and checked to see how long the Pink Girl team’s line was. “3…2…1” and a long whistle blew.

Sir Junar and Ms. Vixy looked over us all “Clearly the boys have short lines. Let’s see the girls” They moved to the girls’ side “Looks like we have a tie” All the boys looked up to see who, but I didn’t move “The Gold Girl team and the Pink!”

I sat up and cheered with the rest of my team mates. I glanced at Shania who was sending dagger looks at Becka. Becka was all smiles.  

Oh no! Bra!

The End

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