Chapter 4: I'm never clumsy. NeverMature

BAMBI: I’m never clumsy. Never.

I was sleeping so peacefully when all of a sudden someone started shaking me. Ugh, what does the world want?

“WHAT?” I shouted annoyed as I flung my hand toward whoever was waking me up.

“Ow. That hurt Bambi” A familiar voice was heard. It sounded like Shyra. I forced my eyelids to open. My vision was still blurry, so I waited for it to become clear; and yup, I was right. It was Shyra. “You slapped me” Shyra complained as she massaged her jaw.

“Sorry” I sat down and scrunched my face; I heard it was a good way to relax your self. “What time is it?” I said remembering I had to be up early.

“IT’S 5:30!!! Hurry up!” she shook my shoulders. What is with her and the shaking?

I looked around, not really looking for anything, until I saw her already ready. She had her uniform t-shirt on with shorts and a ponytail. I then realized that I was late. The other campers were already done getting up.

“Well? Don’t you wanna hurry?” Shyra snapped me out of my thoughts and then I started to panic. “I need to go Bambi. Kylie needs some help with something. I don’t know. But hurry up okay?” And then she was out.

Ugh what do I do what do I do what do I do! I changed my clothes first putting on my uniform t-shirt and then changed to shorts. I grabbed my bag and looked around for my brush. I started brushing my hair vigorously. Then I put on my socks and my rubber shoes. I grabbed my tooth brush and tooth paste and ran outside. I hope no one saw me up this late. Okay, well, technically I wasn’t up late. It was 5 in the morning for crying out loud.

We had this place where we could brush our teeth and stuff. It was pass the big bear cage by the tree. Mrs. Lorna said it was easier to brush if we had a water bottle with us. We could use that as our cup or whatever and then just put some water in our mouth and then gargle with it. We’d then just have to spit it out

I ran pass the big bear cage and to the “bathroom” area. I brushed my teeth, gargled, and then ran back to my tent. As I was going in, I spotted the Gold girl members. They were sitting on a log with Becka in front of them. Thank goodness her back was facing me, if she saw me, she’d scream. She’s probably talking to them about what they’re going to do today and all; pointers, reminders, etc.

I practically jumped inside the tent and just threw my tooth brush and paste inside my bag. Then I ran out and joined the Gold girls. I jogged behind the others. But I was sure Becka would want to talk to me later. I better be ready for that.

“…we can relax for awhile. But make sure you don’t let your guard down. Okay girls?”

Everyone was fussing around. It looks like it was only our group having a discussion. Some boys were gathering more wood, so that we’d have some later. Some girls were talking and laughing. Sir Fabiola and the other teachers were at one log.

“BAMBI!” I snapped my head to the front. Becka called my name. Uh-oh. “Why were you late?”

“I…uh…” I can’t tell her I over slept. She’d yell at me for being irresponsible. But, if I don’t tell her, what will my excuse be? Oh whatever, better just tell her the truth. “I woke up late. Sorry”

“Make sure it doesn’t happen again. The Violet girls were the first girls to be seen this morning. We need to make up for our loss.”

Loss? We didn’t lose anything. She’s exaggerating.

“Okay ladies. Go and exercise and do what you want. At the sound of the whistle, fall in line.” She clapped her hands dismissing us and we dispersed.

I looked around for Shyra. The Pink Girl members were just here and there so I decided she was just around too. Sadly, I couldn’t find her anywhere. Oh well. I glanced around and saw some of the boy members. It was amazingly cool to see everyone in a plain black t-shirt with their group’s name in bold fonts at the front.

The boys were now settling down. I could see a huge pile of wood together and it looked like it was enough to last for 5 days…or 3. I spotted Hunter and Blue talking to together. Wonder where Ashton is. I looked around for the big bold letters RED in a shirt. I saw a lot of Red Boy members and I even spotted Ashton sitting by a log staring into nowhere, but I never saw THIS Red Boy member.

He was not so far away from Ashton. He drank water from his bottle and looked at Ashton. Then he sat down beside him.

“What you thinking about?” asked the Red Boy member.

It took a while before Ashton answered “Nothing” he said.

I wasn’t the shy type of girl so I decided to walk up to him. I would introduce myself and he would tell me his name. I straightened my shirt, tucked my hair behind my ear, and started to walk.

I already passed the senior tents. I guess I missed the rock down in the soil that I tripped over it. Fortunately, I managed to catch myself right before my face hit the ground. I glared at the rock. I flipped my long beautiful hair, forgetting what just happened, and looked front full of confidence.

The confidence I built up in just seconds crumbled down as fast. He was in front of me. Hello?! What is he doing here? I was supposed to go to him. I fidgeted, this is awkward.

“Hi” he said.

“Hello” I smiled shyly.

“I saw what just happened…” Oh great he saw what just happened “…are you okay?” Aw, he cares; but still, that was embarrassing.

“Yeah I’m fine. I guess I just didn’t see the stupid tiny rock there” I glared at the rock again.

He held out his hand “Hi, I’m Rock”

“Oh, really? Hey cool name dude” I laughed.

He was silent. Oh no, maybe he thinks I’m making fun of him. “Hey I wasn’t making fun of you. I was just like…you know…your name is cool and it’s funny coz I just tripped over a rock and your name is Rock and like I was walking over to you but then you appeared here in front of me and…” I felt like such a weirdo “…I should stop talking”

He laughed and then smiled a smile that I would definitely agree was a killer smile “No, no, continue, you’re very entertaining. But first, may I ask, what is YOUR name?” he smiled, waiting for me to answer.

“I’m Bambi” I said even though I couldn’t hear my own voice. I was too dazzled to really care about myself right now “Bambi Doll”

“Bambi? Seriously? That’s an unusual name”

“Hey, I didn’t make fun of you. Why are YOU making fun of m—“

“You didn’t let me finish. It’s an unusual name, but very cute” he smiled.

There was this little voice in my head that went “emphasis on the CUUUTE…emphasis on the CUUUTE…” Although I only smiled on the outside, inside, I was doing cartwheels.

I was staring at him so much that I forgot to blink. My eyes suddenly felt all dry that I winced when I blinked again. Who forgets to blink?! Jeez.

He laughed “So I guess you’re the clumsy type of girl” he folded his hands thinking he got me all figured out.

I put on my oh-no-you-didn’t face and playfully boxed his arm “No way. I’m never clumsy. Never”

“Really?” He smiled mockingly.


“Hmm, let’s see; you tripped on a rock, you babbled on and on apologizing because you thought that I thought you were making fun of me and…you forgot to blink” He stuck out his tongue out at me and then laughed.

Wow, I just met this Rock person and he’s already thinking he got me all figured out and he thinks that he can stick out his tongue at me. How come I never noticed this Rock guy in school? And so what if I forgot to blink, no one’s perfect. People forget stuff, I’m sure every person has forgotten something in theis life. Blinking can be one of the things forgotten. I can’t believe I even wanted to meet this Rock dude. Rock, what kind of name is that anyway?

“Excuse me” he interrupted my mental reply “if you don’t know what a conversation is, its where two people talk to each other. We share stuff. It can’t work if only I talk and you answer in your head”

“Ha-ha” I stuck MY tongue out. He smiled.

Just then the whistle sounded. Sir Junar was north of camp and all 6 senior leaders were lined up horizontally. I saw the Gold girl members rush to line up in front of Becka.

“Hey I have to go” I tilted my head to Becka’s direction.

He looked at Becka and made a face “So you’re with the strict one. Good luck” He winked at me. I smiled and then went to join my group.

We were the first ones to line up. The next were the Blue boy members. Their leader, Will, was Becka’s ex-boyfriend. Will had to give Becka up because she was such a control freak; at least, that’s what I heard. She did have an awesome hour glass body, but her attitude was just too much.

All teams were lined up now. Sir Junar sounded the whistle one more time before he gave instructions “Now listen up campers, we will be marching down by the waterfall; girls will be going before the boys. Have your baths, because you all stink, and then, we’ll have some games”

Ms. Vixy continued “Girls, have your baths done before the boys get to the waterfall. Now, let’s move”

She led the way and all the Senior Girl leaders followed. We, the members followed our leaders in a straight line. The Violet Girl members was the group Becka hated most. I don’t really know why but I heard the Violet Senior Leader, Shania, was Becka’s rival. They were friends a long time ago however when they reached high school, things just started to become competition. They were both very excellent people; smart, tall, beautiful, popular, maybe that’s why they started to be competitive. Shania wasn’t any better than Becka, she also a control freak. Wonder why people are scared of Becka more. Maybe coz her shiny blue eyes turn red when she’s mad.

The hike was quite long and I was desperate to go for a swim. It was getting hot. I glanced back at Shyra who was pouting, she obviously wanted to stop.

We finally reached the waterfall. It was beautiful. Ms. Vixy called our attention “You have exactly 20 minutes to bath before the boys arrive. Leaders set your time” and with that, she went off to sit on a rock.

Shania gave Becka an evil smile and took her members to the left side of the waterfall. We stayed at the middle while the Pink Girl members went to the right. We were heading to the waterfall when it hit me.

How am I supposed to bathe?

The End

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