Chapter 3: Boys believe in fairytales?Mature

Shyra: Boys believe in fairytales?

It was already 10 PM and I was still awake. I couldn’t sleep. Sleeping inside a bag wasn’t comfortable at all. I looked at Bambi who was snoring lightly now. I got up and took my Mp3 to listen to music instead. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep

Minutes later I felt like I needed to use a bathroom. Oh no, nature calling, and at night! Darn. I went outside and saw that the bonfire had already died out. I had my flashlight with me and flashed it in the trees. It wasn’t very dark; the moon’s light was there and it would have been totally romantic if you were with a boy.

 I got out of the tent and looked around. I heard crickets and other sounds, maybe bat sounds. AAAHHHH! I screamed in my head and immediately dived back into the tent. Who am I kidding? I can’t go out alone. This is absurd. I’ll just have to wait when the sun comes up again.

I sat down and wondered what to do. I really needed to go. I’ll just have to wake Bambi up. Bambi doesn’t like it when people wake her up at night, especially when she’s dreaming. Is she dreaming? I looked at her, studied her lying position and watched her hands if ever they would twitch.

I was so focused on her hands that when I looked at her face I found her eyes looking right at me.

“AAAAAHHHHHHH!” I screamed.

She immediately stood up to cover my mouth with her hand. “SSSHHHH! You’ll wake the whole camp” she whispered.

I nodded and she removed her hand from my mouth “You scared me. It wasn’t my fault I screamed.

“I didn’t do anything. I was just wondering why you were looking at me. Dude, I was freaked out more than you were.”

“I wanted to wake you up. I need to go.”



“You mean like go- go? Or go?”

“Go-go” I confirmed.

“Oh. You know what, you got “going issues”” She said tapping her cheek.

“And you got “not-going-with-me issues” I answered “C’mon. Everyone’s sleeping anyways. We won’t go too far in the woods. I just really need to go.”

“Yes, yes. Let’s go” She answered in a teasingly annoyed way.

We got our flashlights and got out of our tents. Everything was silent. We looked around to see if the coast was clear. I glanced at the tent of Ashton, Blue, and Hunter; they’re probably in dream world now.

Bambi called my attention and motioned me to follow her. We passed the senior tents and went straight pass the trees. I got behind the bush and did my business.

After I was done, Bambi heard some whisperings. I heard them too and told her that we should just get back. The whispers got louder; their voices, more familiar, and their conversation clearer.

Bambi and I listened intently and then gasped.

“I know that voice” I said. There was a murmur which I knew I could identify from anywhere “That’s Ashton”

There was another murmur, but deeper this time “and that’s Hunter” Bambi said “and I’m guessing the third one’s Blue”

“Yeah. That’s three of them alright, but what are they doing out here?”

“I don’t know. Wanna follow them?” She gave me an evil grin; her eyes twinkling under the moon’s light.

“No Bambi! No way! Let’s just let them be. If we follow them, we’ll get in trouble too” I didn’t like Bambi at night, she’s such a daredevil…is she still dreaming?

“C’mon, nothing’s gonna happen. We’ll just follow them and see what they’re up to. If they’re up to no good then we can leave. We won’t interfere with them whatsoever. We’ll just check what they’re doing. CHECK Shyra, check only”

And once again, I was immediately fooled. I hate that I’m so gullible.

“Fine…but I hate you” I told her.

“I hate me too, now let’s go” She pulled my arm and we ducked under the next bush.

We watched the three boys; each of them holding a flashlight. Blue led the way with Hunter behind him; Ashton looked like he was dragging his feet. They went deeper into the woods and Bambi of course pulled me deeper in too.

It was so dark. We couldn’t open our flashlights because the boys would know we were following them. So the only source of light we had around us was the flashlight of the boys and the moon’s. The moon’s light wasn’t so helpful because we were under big, tall, dark, and scary trees.

I finally realized that we were far away from camp. There was this huge cave just there in front of us. Has Bambi lost her mind? This is too much. It was dark and cold. I could hear the different animal chatters. Were they talking about us? Hmmm…

“Bambi, I really think we should get back now” I whispered into her ear.

She waved her hand at me as if shooing me away “Shhh. They’re talking”

I listened.

Ashton spoke in a loud whisper “Are you guys serious? This…this right here is insane! Blue, you actually believe in this?”

“If there’s nothing in there then…nothing. We got nothing to lose. We can just check” answered Blue.

“You chicken Ashton? Scared of the dark?” teased Hunter “nothing’s gonna happen. If there’s nothing in there then we leave the place. But what if there is.” His eyes were twinkled. He held out his arms as if advertising something “The place that was only thought to be a fairytale really exists…AZOYESHA. Found by 3 young brave boys—“

“Okay Hunter, shut up” Ashton laughed and then boxed Hunter on the arm playfully.

Bambi and I looked at each other with disbelief. Did the boys really think there was some magic land out there? Am I dreaming?

“Omg, where’s the magic carpet then?” I started giggling.

Bambi giggled along “This is so low. They should’ve just gone ghost hunting or something, it’ll make them look manlier. This is just too princess-y”

The boys must’ve heard us because it was suddenly so quiet. We peeped from behind the bush and saw the three of them looking around wondering where the giggles came from.

“Is someone there?” asked Blue.

“Sir Fabiola, if it’s you, I swear we didn’t do anything” Hunter raised his hands as if surrendering.

“What you mean not doing anything” snapped Ashton “We’re out at night looking for fairy world, that’s not just anything Hunter”

“Stop it Ashton” Blue scolded “Look. It’s the first night of camp. Why don’t we just continue this tomorrow okay? Let’s rest so that we could wake up at 5 tomorrow and at night we can come and check the place.”

“Sure. That sounds okay” Hunter grinned.

“Fine” Ashton said.

“Good. Now let’s head back to our tent and sleep” Blue put his arms around Hunter and Ashton.

Bambi was laughing her head off. She obviously was trying to keep quiet but she just couldn’t.

“Did you see them? They’re actually arguing because of magic land” She pressed her hand to her mouth to stop the laughs from coming out.

I tried to quiet her down. Besides, I couldn’t see what was so funny. “Sssshhhh. They’ll hear you. C’mon, they’re going. Let’s go too”

“Fine fine, scaredy cat lets go”

Bambi and I followed the boys quietly back to camp. We let them close their tent before we entered ours. It was already 12:45 AM, funny how time is so important here in camp.

Bambi sat on her sleeping bag “You really think there’s a fairy world there?”

“Of course not, that’s impossible Bambi” I answered, while I comb my hair.


Why was she even asking this kind of question? It made me wonder “Don’t tell me you actually think the boys will find some mysterious world.”

Bambi didn’t answer.

I barked out a laugh “Bambi! Hahaha…seriously? I thought you were supposed to be the one making fun of them. Now you actually think they’ll find a place?”

“It’s not that I believe there’s a world out there, it’s just that…I mean…think about it Shyra. Do you really think the boys will do something this extreme, believe in fairytales, for just nothing? Maybe there’s no magic world, but what if they find something else?”

She sounded so serious that I wished I had a recorder rolling while she said all that.

“You’re sleepy Bambi. Go and sleep now. I command you” I pointed a finger at her acting like some kind of fairy.

“You’re right. Magic world?” she scoffed “yeah right”.

She then went inside her sleeping bag and I did too. She said goodnight and after 10 minutes or less, I knew she was in her own magic land.

I stared at the ceiling of our tent. I could see the moon’s blurry light. The night was peaceful and quiet. If the earth didn’t have any gravity, everyone would be floating on air because of the serenity that was around.

I wonder how Bambi could sleep so well wherever she was. She was lucky. I think it would take me more than half an hour before I really was into deep slumber. My mind would just have to wander around a little and then without knowing, I would drift away to sleep.

Ashton, his face suddenly in my head. Wonder why I’m always annoyed with him. He’s actually a really great guy. If only we could have a proper conversation without him annoying me. I would find him sitting on a bench after school…

“Hi” I’d say.

“Hey” he would reply smiling at me and then ask me to sit with him “You busy? Wanna sit and talk for a while?”

“Sure” I’d answer and then sit beside him. Wonder what we’d talk about. “So how’s life?” Feeling like a complete moron after asking.

“It’s okay” He’d answer so kindly “How ‘bout you? Fine?”

“Me?” Wow, he’s asking about me. Oh wait, this IS a conversation so of course he’d ask too “Yup. My life’s fine”

It would then be silent. Great. It would barely be 5 minutes and he’d already feel bored with me.

The End

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