Chapter 2: BonfireMature

SHYRA: Bonfire

I cannot believe people actually like camping. I took a look at my self and saw what a mess I was; I had scratches in my right arm, probably from awhile ago when I fell, my hair was hard and I smelled bad. I definitely needed a shower. I took a clip from my pocket and tied my hair up.

Bambi looked like she’s attended camp a hundred times before…this was my first time. I never really liked going out, I always preferred the comfort of my own home. Oh how I miss my room, my bed, my pillow, my bathtub…

“So are you gonna help me or what?” Bambi called, snapping me out of my fantasy.

“I promised, didn’t I?” I squatted beside her wondering what to do. She looked at me with a smile on her face; she was trying to stop herself from laughing.

“What?” I asked her, completely innocent.

“You. I seriously cannot believe you’re willing to help. You! Helping me!” and then she barked out a laugh.

“Whatever Bambi. Just because I’m an indoor type of girl doesn’t mean I can’t help with stuff like this. Now, what should I do?”

“Nothing really, we just have to set it up straight again” She gave me an angelic smile and then grinned. I couldn’t help giggling at her.

It was already getting dark when we finished straightening the tent; the scout master sounded a trumpet and announced that at 6:30 we would all have to be ready to sleep and at 7:00, all groups had to be around the bonfire for a meeting.

There were 6 groups having 7 members each; 3 girl groups; the Violet Girls Team, Pink Girls Team and the Gold Girls Team and 3 boy groups; Blue Boys Team, Red Boys Team, and Greens Boy Team.

Each team had 2 senior leaders. I liked my leader, Kylie, she was nice and she liked me too. We were in the Pink Girl team, Bambi was in Gold. She said her leader, Becka, was super strict.

“She shouted at each of the Gold girl members, reminding us to be at the bonfire at exactly 7. It’s only the first day and she’s already got us panicking” Bambi told me inside the tent after we finished getting ready for bed.

“Becka’s like that, it’s what she’s known for; when she wants something she never takes her eyes off it, she’ll do what she can to get it” I tried to explain while I brushed my hair. It was getting hot.

“What does she want; win best squad at the end of camp? Jeez”

“You’ll be fine, just don’t do anything crazy. You know how Becka gets irritated so easily with juniors like us” I reminded her as I peeped out our tent door to see how the bonfire was going.

There were 16 tents around the bonfire; 8 junior tents nearer to the middle and 8 senior tents in the outer circle to watch the juniors if ever we did any mischief.

The seniors were building up the bonfire; I saw Kylie and waved at her, she waved back. Becka was putting up the woods together making sure everything was perfect. Becka wasn’t really scary; in fact she was a brilliant student who’s just been misunderstood by others. She gets nasty only when there’s competition.

I pinned the door flaps of the tent to the side so that the breeze could flow in. Bambi and I just stared out at the other campers.

I spotted Ashton, Blue, and Hunter, 7 tents away from us. They were laughing out loud probably about some nonsense joke. I stared at Ashton, look at him, such childish behavior. Why oh why does he get on my nerves so much. And there he goes, tossing his head along with big thunderous laughter; I could see his esophagus from here. The world would be such a better place if he weren’t alive.

The guys started to settle and the laughs weren’t so loud anymore. Ashton caught me looking at him and I looked away. Oh no, do you think he knew I was watching the whole time?

Bambi nudged my elbow “If he catches you staring at him then that’s a good sign because it means he wanted to look at you too”

“No way!” but I was wondering “You really think so?”

“I know so” Bambi winked.

It was already dark and the fire was burning up. The time was 6:50; 10 minutes before the meeting. Some of the seniors were probably inside their tents resting for awhile before the assembly. Some of the juniors were out; chatting with each other. Blue and Hunter were sitting on a log just outside their tent. Hmmm…wonder where Ashton is.

I sat up straight and cocked my head up looking for him. Where is he?

“Hey sweet cheeks, looking for me?” Ashton smiled with a smug on his face as he walked by my tent and then laughed.

“I was so not!” I called after him feeling irritated. He thinks every girl in school likes him. I so hate him! Ugh. I took my brush and started combing my hair. He thinks he’s so cool and all with his hair, and clothes, and his walk…and his perfect smile, his really cute laugh.

I suddenly found myself smiling at him. I immediately snapped out of my gaze. Ugh, I must have looked like a lunatic. I checked my watch, 6:59 already, and then I turned around to Bambi who was lying down listening to music on her Mp3.

I shook Bambi’s leg and she removed her earphones “Bambi, let’s go. It’ll be 7 soon and if Becka sees you in here she’s gonna go crazy”

She checked her glow in the dark watch, looked at me nervously, and dashed out of our tent. I poked my head out and saw the other Gold girl members already sitting on a log with Becka in front of them.

I put my slippers on and went to where Kylie was. Some of the groups were already there just like the Gold Squad; the Blue team was already in place but I could tell that the Gold girls came in first. Each of the leaders wore the uniform t-shirt. It was a plain black shirt with the team’s name in big letters.

There were 4 camp masters; these were the teachers who came along to watch over the whole camp; Sir Fabiola and Mrs. Lorna. They’re husband and wife. Sir Fabiola had this awesome body; big chest and muscles with abs. he was strict but also fun to be with.  He and his wife was such a perfect couple. She was beautiful and had a great body too; thin and slender. She was his opposite she was fun. Sir Junar and Ms. Vixy were the other camp masters who came along. They were both single and young. The school usually teases them to each other but I think they’ll only be friends.

Sir Fabiola sounded a whistle and the whole camp was silent.

“Tonight will be your first night in camp. I don’t want any shenanigans going on” He looked at the boys and then focused his eyes on Hunter “If any of you are thinking of doing any mischief on my camp then make sure you don’t get caught because serious consequences WILL take place” Emphasis on the will.

Hunter was known for being the practical joker in school. He didn’t really do any major pranks but it can sometimes be annoying.

“Report any damage of camp facilities to me or to Sir Junar, do not, I repeat, do not cut or mutilate any trees or shrubs, and boys” he increased his voice’s volume “leave the wild life alone”

Wild life? So there are wild animals out there? Right now? Oh no.

“Members of each team, remember that wherever your go, make sure your leader knows where you are. We will be in this forest for 2 weeks and I want complete discipline and obedience” I glanced at the boys where Hunter was and saw him roll his eyes as if to say yeah right, like there’ll be discipline and obedience in this camp.

“Okay leaders here’s the thing, if any one of your members does something bad…ALL of you gets the punishment. See that huge bear cage over there?” He pointed out south.

Just a few meters away from the senior tents was this huge bear cage beside a huge tree. How come I didn’t notice that a while ago?

“That’s where you all will be staying for your punishment. The amount of time you’ll be spending inside there will depend on your act. In addition, since your group will be inside the cage, you will be disqualified of any activity going on” I saw Becka look back at her group. She must’ve given them the warning look, letting them know that they should behave.

“Everyone should be dead asleep at 8” Everyone moaned. “…and you all will be waking up at 5 AM tomorrow”

WHAT?! 5 AM?! He must be joking. No one does anything at 5 AM in the morning. I don’t wanna wake up 5 AM. I wailed in my head.

Sir Fabiola paused for awhile, like he remembered something “Oh sorry. The girls will be waking up a little later than the boys…”

Oh thank goodness, I sighed a sigh of relief.

“…girls, you will be waking up at 5:30 AM” The girls faces dropped and the boys started to roar with laughter. Oh what’s the difference. I rested my chin on my palm.

I looked at Kylie and grimaced. She mouthed the words “Its okay” to me and then smiled just a little.

Blue then raised his hand. Blue and Hunter were in the Blue team; Ashton was in the Red. Hah! Good for him. He’s away from his friends. I folded my arms and gave him dagger looks from afar. He didn’t see me, he was busy whispering.

Blue cleared his throat, trying to get Sir Fabiola’s attention. Sir Fabiola turned around and nodded his head as if to say go on “Sir” Blue paused, he looked like he wasn’t sure if he should talk or something “Why should we be waking up at 5 AM tomorrow? What will we be doing anyways?”

The question wasn’t really like a sarcastic kind of question. He looked completely innocent that it made me laugh inside my head.

“Because, Mr. Lyons” Sir Fabiola turned around speaking to all the campers now “tomorrow at 5 AM we will be hiking. To where? THAT I will not tell. Mr. Junar and Ms. Vixy will be with you during the hike. Mrs. Lorna and I will be here to watch camp.”

I hope we’re not gonna go around hunting breakfast and all. If we do that, I am not eating. I have some chips in my bag. I can have that instead.

“Everyone will be wearing your t-shirt uniforms tomorrow okay? Now go and sleep. It’s already 7:56” He sounded his whistle again dismissing us all. Everyone headed to their tents.

Ugh, I can’t believe we’re sleeping so early. But on the bright side, at least I get to have my beauty sleep. I got inside the tent before Bambi did. I looked around to see where she was.

I spotted her and the other Gold girls standing in front of Becka’s tent. Becka was talking in front. Wonder what she’s going on about now. Becka then dismissed them. Bambi turned around headed for the tent. When she reached the tent she threw herself down on our little bed looking irritated.

I pinned the flaps of the door to the side and ask her “So what did she say this time?”

“She wanted the Gold girls to be awake at 5:00 and make sure that at 5:30 we were the first girls to be seen fresh and ready” I turned around and lied down beside her.

“That’s okay. I’ll wake up with you. Or, we could set our alarms for 5:25 and then rush out real fast at 5:30” I looked at her and smiled.

She turned her head to me “Nah that’s okay. I’ll go wake up at 5:15 and try to see what the boys will be doing”

I sat down and looked out at the bonfire. It was still burning and it looked really pretty under the stars. I saw Ashton looking at the bonfire too. He was also inside his tent. He’s sharing the tent with Blue and Hunter; they have a tent well enough for three anyways.

Ashton was just staring at the flames; his face looked beautiful with the fire’s light hitting his face. His eyes suddenly flicked on mine and we were looking at each other. And then I turned away and closed the tent door.


I turned to Bambi who was already snoring. I laughed to myself and then put a blanket over her. I lied down, said a prayer, and then tried to sleep.

The End

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