Once upon a time in a not so far away land, there lived 6 friends who went out to camp, getting lost in the woods and finding themselves trapped in an unknown world. A world where they thought only existed in story books and fantasy movies; different people and characters, which were only known to exist in the imaginations of others, start to come to life as they try to find their way out of the strange land. As they journey they develop bonds that were thought to have never been possible.

Chapter 1: Meeting the kids


“Dude, I can’t believe we’re camping out here” Ashton exclaimed as he dropped his bag pack and prepared to set up the tent.

Ashton Drake, best friend of Blue and Hunter. He is macho, has a sense of humor, and is adventurous.

“It’s weird we’re here. Hey, remember last week, or was that the week before that, we read about this weird cave which leads to a magical world? Azoyesha?” Blue said sitting on a rock holding a stick while scribbling on the soil.

            Blue Lyons is the quiet one in the group. His best friends, Ashton and Hunter, go to him when they need somebody to talk to. He’s someone you can trust your secrets with and although the quiet one, he is also the funniest.

“Yeah…I can’t believe you actually remember that. I reminded you 10 times yesterday to bring the matches and you forget. Azoyesha was last week and you still remember?!” scolded Ashton.

“I told you, I was holding them, but then when I went out of the house they disappeared” retorted Blue.

“Will you help me with the tent? PLEASE!” laughed Ashton as he threw a water bottle at Blue.

Minutes later, Hunter arrived. Hunter Frost can be described in 3 words; tall, dark, and…good-looking. He’s the evil genius of the group, always getting in trouble.

“You know what; we’re the only ones who don’t have a tent yet” sighed Hunter as he looked around at the other campers.


A scream was heard from afar. The boys looked over, only to see a camper’s tent collapsing.

“No, there are other people whose tents aren’t up yet too” laughed Blue.


Shyra struggled to get out of the collapsed tent “BAMBIIII, ARE YOU THERE? I’M LOST IN HERE”

Bambi came running towards their tent “What did you do this time?”

“Wait! Help me out first. Where’s the door?!”

Bambi unzipped the opening of the tent and found Shyra inside sweating and looking nervous.

Shyra gave a weak smile “I was fixing our bags inside the tent. I didn’t want flies and other insects to get in so I zipped it up. Then all of a sudden, as I was putting my huge bag down, I guess it hit one of the poles of the tent and so the thing fell”

            Shyra Barrett, best friends with Bambi. They both were childhood friends. She’s an indoor type of girl, but is noisy and fun to be with. Instantly annoyed by Ashton Drake but surprisingly always look around for him.

“Do you know how long I tried to put this thing up” whined Bambi.

“I’m soooory. It was an accident. I promise I’ll help you this time”

“Okay, okay” said Bambi as she helped Shyra up.

            Bambi Doll, black haired girl with rosy red cheeks. She’s outgoing, daring, and fun. She’s the outdoor type of girl and, although Shyra’s opposite, she manages to keep up with Shyra’s girly ways.


“WHOHOO!” shouted Hunter wiping the sweat off his face

“There! We’re finally done” Ashton grinned, as he breathed a sigh of relief.

Hunter and Ashton turned to Blue who was probably daydreaming as he looked at the other campers. Blue turned to the two exhausted boys “I’m hungry, any food?”

Hunter and Ashton laughed as they tackled Blue “You didn’t even help with the tent!”

The End

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