Chapter 2 (3 of 5)

"That took longer than expected. Were you rude to Margaret?" she asked in her clear voice. My mother is gorgeous. And I look nothing like her. In comparison to her golden locks and blue eyes, I have pitch black hair and dull grey eyes. While her skin was slightly tan, mine was pale. People say I have her delicate facial features, but I just think their trying to be nice. If anything, I look like my father, but while he can pull off the hair and eyes has dark and mysterious, I just look like I live in caves or under rocks.

"No..." I hesitantly answer, "Me and Emilia were ambushed by the village and got stuck."

"Sure," she drew out the word, making it obvious that she didn't believe me. "Is Emilia the other girl that got chosen? What was she like?"

I purse my lips and answer, "Yea. She was pretty nice. A bit dramatic though."

Mom grinned, "You weren't bothered by the crowd at all, were you?"

"Of course not. Am I missing something? And can I have some pudding now?" , I asked, staring down the bowl closest to me like a hawk locked on prey.

"Nothing, dear. And have at it." she answered, sitting in one of the wooden chairs at the also wooden table and grabbing a bowl. I snatch up a bowl and plop into the chair across from her. There's silence for a while, as I shoveled spoon after spoon of the delicious pudding into my mouth. My mother, on the other hand, was showing manners, taking small servings and swallowing before taking another bite. That's another thing I didn't get from my mother. Manners. Or, to be more exact, a likeable personality. Once again, I'm like my father. He also scares off people with his eccentric attitude. Everyone but my Mom.

After a while, Mom dabs her mouth with a napkin and says, "There was something brought for you earlier. I'll go get it." and then she disappears out of the room. I continue to eat my pudding, now with my eyebrows scrunched in curiosity. When she finally comes back, she has some kind of white cloth draped across her arm.

The End

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