Chapter 2 (2 of 5)

I turn and start jogging to my home, running past one stone building after another, each with a warm, golden light shining through the open windows. The sun had disappeared behind the mountain by this time, so the lights from the windows were leaving spots on the stone tiled path. Every time I ran through one, I could clearly see the scuffs on my leather lace up boots. I look up from the ground to the mountains that ringed around our little village. They were just black masses now, like the backs of sleeping black cats, but when the sun is up they were a vibrant green. The tree's that called the mountains home were huge, and the other village that shares this island with us actually lives in them. I never got to visit the other village, but I can imagine there being platforms among the tree branches, with wooden bridges stretching in between them. Would definitely be something fresh to look at since all I'm used to seeing is stone.

I finally reach my house, a small, one story stone building with a wooden door covered in carved in designs. Those were thanks to my dad, a well known designer and inventor. So well known, that he had to go back to the Main island even though he wanted to stay here with my mother. She was also chosen for the WFA, but instead of staying there, she came back and brought my father along with her.

As I enter the house, I'm greeted with the smell of bananas. A smile tugs on my lips as I shut the door and follow the smell to the kitchen, where I find my mother putting the heavenly banana pudding into two wooden bowls. A stray, golden hair has escaped her customary bun and her crystal blue eyes light up as she notices me standing at the doorway.

The End

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