Chapter 2 (1 of 5)

The time after leaving the Main Hall was chaotic. Every person that had ever come in contact with me, from shop owners to childhood friends, were congratulating me on my "achievement" and wishing me luck at the WFA. Even poor little Emilia didn't make it far from the building. When I had pushed the doors open, I was met with her pleading light green eyes peaking through the crowd that had surrounded her. Of course, being such a great person, I had tried to push through the crowd and get her out of there. That only resulted in people to noticing me. So for the past few hours, me and Emilia have been slowly making our way through the crowd of people that either barely knew us, or had practically raised us.

I got to meet Emilia's friends, and the people that sold her milk and meat. She got to meet the people that sold me stuff, and some others who claimed to be my friends. We didn't get to met each others family, since they had wisely stayed home, waiting for us.

Finally, the crowd dispersed, promising they will be there when we boarded the ship. Emilia looked like she was about to fall over. She's bent over with her hands on her knees, taking in deep breaths.

"Why...aren't you...exhausted?" she huffs, looking up at me for a split second before her head fell back down.

"Why are you exhausted? It's not like we have been running all afternoon. We we're just chatting with people. If anything, you should be cheering and thanking the Lord their gone." I answered, looking down at her with my head tilted to one side, confused.

"Chatting!? It was like we were being ambushed by a bunch of lunatics that had too much to drink!", she finally stood straight up, flailing her arms around and looking at me with wide eyes.


She squints her eyes, looking at my face like she was trying to find the answer to something. "Nothing phases you, huh?"

"Naw, you're just dramatic." I grin as she goes off in a huffy fit. "You don't seem to be "exhausted" anymore."

She blinks, "Shush." she purses her lips, and then smiles. "I'm kind of glad I'm not going to be alone on this adventure. Though I wish my companion was a little more there in the head."

Now it was my turn to scrunch up my face, "I'm completely sane. If I wasn't, I would have done something weird to get rid of that crowd. Like maybe a terrible dance that looked like I was having a seizure or something."

"True. But I didn't do it. We can go on about my sanity all day, but I need to get home and pack. See you tomorrow." I smile and wave as I start walking backward in the direction of my house. She replies with her own good-bye, consisting of a wave and a sarcastic remark about how I really am a little off.

The End

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