Chapter 1

Join Azalea in a new world where The Separation has turned the once great land masses, continents, into islands spread across the Earth. Humanity is no longer in danger, but there is just one problem. The male population got so low, that only select females are allowed to be with them. Azalea is chosen for this, and will be set on a adventure full of snobby nobles and surprising secrets.

“A long, long time ago, the Earth was partially covered in huge land masses called continents. But, one day, they separated and some even disappeared into the sea. This catastrophe is now known as The Separation. The human population was crippled and separated. Some went into the sea, while others suffered famine and illness. You see, due to the continents shifting away from each other, humans couldn't communicate and travel they way they used to anymore. They didn't no the lay of Earth, so assistance couldn't be sent. Resources were lost, as the climates changed and were no longer fitting for the things living on the land. Humanity almost went extinct. Almost.

There were some broken pieces of land, islands, that were better off then others. They either didn't shift to much, or the living things on them were adaptable. Whatever the reason, the humans on them were able to gather up enough resources to build boats, and had enough knowledge to travel the new seas and look for others. Communication and trade was reestablished, and the new world was mapped out. But there was one problem. It was discovered the male population was much lower than the female population. This caused much conflict. Fights and arguments popped up, demanding answers that would better their future. Should only healthy females be allowed to procreate? What if a female was born, were they to be “dealt with”?

Finally, they decided to find the largest and healthiest island, and to put the male population on it. And then it was decided that only the females who are of age and with the best pedigree from each of the smaller islands could be sent to that island.On this same island, The Woman of the Future Academy would be built, where the women will be kept,  educated and be put on show for the men of the island. By doing this, our ancestors believed the New World would have a new, better generation. All you lovely women gathered here today have been chosen to be the ones with the best pedigree on this island, and will be sent to the WFA.” the spokeswoman finally finished, giving the extremely small crowd, just me and some other chick I've never seen before, a wide smile and gracefully spreading her arms in what was probably supposed to emphasize the grandness of the situation.

I glared at the woman, who I think introduced herself as Margaret, and raised me hand.

“Yes?”, she said politely, batting her fake eyelashes at me.

“Can I choose not to go?” I asked, batting my real eyelashes at her. Wow, that wiped that pleasant look right off her face.

“Young lady, what is your name? You should feel grateful that you have been chosen to go. This is a once in a lifetime chance to have a life of luxury and not” she paused, looking around the meeting room of the Main Hall with its stone walls, ugly wooden chairs and mounted animals parts, “this.” she finally finished with a disgusted scowl on her face. She really shouldn't do that. It makes the make-up on her face split and gather in the wrinkles.

I raise a eyebrow in annoyance, “I'd rather be here then flaunting around for some spoiled men who think the world revolves around them.  And I doubt I'll be able to play with knifes and wear comfortable clothes at that stupid academy.”

“Of course not! Knifes are only for eating.” she sniffed, looking for some odd reason proud of herself. I think she thinks she just set me in my place. Though now that shes seen my “are-you-stupid” expression she just looks angry again.

“You are going and no amount of rudeness is changing that. I'm sure the “stupid academy” will be able to fix you right up.” and with a smug grin she stomps out of the room in her ridiculous heels. They were leopard print with spikes on them. Though compared to that atrocious pink leather suit they weren't too bad.

The girl next to me giggled, “She sure squeaked outta here in a fit, huh?”

I burst out laughing, “ name?” I asked in between giggles.

“Emilia.” she smiled. She was pretty, with short, curly auburn hair and green almond eyes set in a pixie like face.

“Pretty. I'm Azalea.” we shook hands and stood up.

“So...are we supposed to be doing something now?” I ask Emilia.

“I'm not sure. I feel like we missed half of the speech Margaret prepared.”

I flinch, “Sorry.”

Right then, the familiar clacking of heels could be heard coming toward the old oak door.

“Speak of the devil” I muttered and Emilia giggles.

“I just remembered!”, Margaret trilled, “I didn't give you the instructions. You are given today to pack and say your good-byes. You will be boarding the ship early tomorrow morning.” and with that she flipped her fried blonde hair and click clacked back out of the room.

“Very informational.” I grumbled sarcastically. Turning to Emilia I said “Guess I'll see you tomorrow then?”

“Yup.” she answered, then waved and trotted out the room. I stayed where I was, standing in the middle on the room in front of my wooden chair. I looked at the stone walls that always reminded me of what those stone castles I'd read in books would have looked like. Directing my gaze upward I studied the various thick wooden beams that criss-crossed the ceiling. I always wanted to climb around on them when I was little, but every time I badgered my mom to let me up there she would tell me I'd make the whole building collapse. Did wonders for my self-esteem.

I finally leave the room and enter the long, also stone, hallway. I took mental pictures of every detail, from the designs on the rugs to the animal heads mounted on the walls. Trailing my fingers across the bumpy walls, I breathe in the smokey atmosphere provided by the torches. As i reach the double wooden door with iron bolts on it that would lead outside, I stop. Breathing in a deep sigh I mutter to myself, “I'm really going to miss this piece of crap island.”

The End

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