My skin glows as I walk into the studio just a few minutes before four in the afternoon. All day in bed with Jayson was amazing. I sigh softly as I take my sunglasses off, and fluff my hair lightly. “Ayranna,” I hear my name being mentioned.

My heels are quiet on the white Italian carpet. “Yes Meridio,” I call.

“You will be doing the Chanel dresses, Julianna will be assisting you,” he says, kissing both my cheeks. He glances down at my outfit. “Gorgeous,” he smiles.

I laugh, “And you thought there was no hope for me?” I smirk as he tries to come up with something to say in response. “I was joking, relax. Where’s Pablo?”

“In the back, Oscar had to show him what kind of makeup he needs you to wear,” he informs me.

Just then Oscar and Pablo walk out of the back room, looking… Like they just had a fling. Meridio looks both of them up and down, sniffs loudly and walks away to the set that is being built. “Ayranna,” Pablo smiles brightly.

The amazingly sexy gay twenty four year old, Pablo was in love. I can tell by his reddened cheek and for once his bright blue eyes that looked more like a midnight storm brewing even on his okay days. He leads me away, trying not to be so obvious when he looks back at Oscar. Oscar smiles, giving a nod my way, knowing exactly that I know.

“You look gorgeous, your face is glowing,” he notes.

“And so is yours,” I reply sweetly back.

He laughs and shakes his head as he goes to his cameras. Pablo is frantic and all jumpy as he sits me down. He quickly does my hair and pulling my bangs away from my face, he starts on my makeup for today’s photo shoot.

“Are you happy,” I ask.

“Yes,” he sighs. “It was truly heaven,” he smiles.

“I don’t want the details Pablo,” I say laughing. “But I’m happy for you. I haven’t seen you this happy… for a while.” He blushes and I smile as I still have the effect on men, even if they were gay or straight.

“Aww, you look beautiful, amazingly gorgeous doll,” he says.

“Hey Tots,” Oscar smirks using that annoying voice. Pablo cracks up laughing at Oscar.

“Ready on set,” Meridio calls.

I quickly dress in the first outfit and rush out to stand where the taped areas are.


“How was work,” Jay asks as I walk in to the bedroom.

I kiss him as I make my way to my closet undressing as I go. “Tiring,” I shrug. “Oh, but guess what?”

“Pablo finally got laid,” he asks. I smile and nod, and he cracks up laughing. “Wow! Finally! The way he was pining for so many guys for so long.”

“Guess who,” I smirk.

He pauses, “You both work with him?”

“Yep,” I smirk.

“Meridio is out,” he frowns. “Oscar too.”

“Ah, ah, ah,” I smirk.

“Oscar,” he asks shocked.

“I know,” I say just as loud. We look at each other for a long time before cracking up laughing.

The End

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