I wake up wrapped up in Jayson’s arms. He is smiling as he runs his fingers up and down my arm, staring out into space. “Good morning,” I whisper. He kisses my cheek and slowly pulls the blanket off of us.

“Good morning love,” he whispers. “Do you have anything planned today,” he asks looking at me hopeful.

I smile, “A photo shoot at four in the afternoon.”

He smiles, looking like a teenaged boy as he wraps his arms around me, “Can we please stay in bed until you really have to go?”

I laugh, “Aren’t you supposed to be in the office today?”

“Nope, that’s the best part of being your own boss,” he whispers at my ear. I smirk, knowing most days he hated being the boss.

I kiss his cheek, “I would love a day in bed with you.”

He smirks, “But?”

I laugh, “But nothing. We both are staying in, plus it’s supposed to rain.”

“All day,” he growls at my ear.

“It better not,” I giggle as he tickles me. “No tickling,” I gasp as I try to push his hands away. He lies me down on to my back easily, as his fingers snake around my waist.

“Fine, no tickling,” he smirks. He leans down and presses his lips to mine.

When he pulls away to run his fingers through my hair, I smile, “I don’t think we can stay in bed all day.”

“How come?” Jay asks.

“I’m hungry and I need to use the bathroom,” I say quietly.

He laughs as he sits up, ending up between my legs as he slides the blankets down to his knees. He lies on top of me to press his lips to my ears. “How about I get breakfast going then,” he whispers. “We can even eat in bed if you’d like,” he smirks.

I smile up at him, his beautiful hazel green eyes so warm and expressive. I can see his heart on his sleeve as he waits for my reply. “That would be perfect,” I whisper.

He chuckles as he kisses me once more before leaving the bed. I watch as he walks confidently to the door naked. He glances back, to sneak a peek when he sees me watching him. He smirks and winks before stepping out of the room.

I take a deep breath, smiling as I walk to the bathroom. I take a hot shower and by the time my hair dries, Jay has two trays on the nightstand. I smirk as walk slowly towards him. “Do I need this,” I ask, lifting up a black laced bra.

I had found it on the counter of the bathroom, and it was in my size. “Not tonight,” he smiles. “Didn’t you see the matching pair?”

“Yes,” I smirk. “It’s a see through thong,” I laugh.

He smiles proudly as I walk over to him. He is sitting up in bed, with the covers around his waist. I sit on his lap with my legs beside his on both sides. I kiss him before running my fingers through his hair. “Oh… by the way,” I whisper, looking at his hair. I look to see he is staring at me. “I love you too,” I whisper.

He lies me down quickly, and whispers, “Show me.”

The End

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