At the end of the night, I’m far from tired, and I’m glad that Jayson wasn’t as tense like he had been when we had first gotten here. I meet the rest of his family members, from his aunts to his uncles and his cousins. Colette is pretty much the only easy going kind of person to talk. While the others are formal and stiff as boards.

Jayson has the car brought around and we are saying good bye to his parents as the valet boy drives it around. “It was great finally meeting you,” Genie smiles. “I thought he would never bring you around. He thinks his family is terrible,” she shakes her head. She smiles warmly, “We should go for lunch one of these days.”

Jayson and his perfect timing, interrupts just then. He smiles, “Actually don’t you have your schedule full for a while?” He looks at his mother sincerely, “She just got back from a trip to Rome today actually, so she’s gonna be very busy for a while I do believe.”

“Oh dear, hopefully soon that’ll all change once you marry her,” Genie smiles graciously. Jayson doesn’t flinch, but I can see the flicker in his eyes.

I don’t say anything, about still going to be working even if we did get married. He kisses his mother and opens the passenger door for me. Everyone says goodbye and we smile waving just before leaving. He is holding on to my hand tightly though it doesn’t hurt.

I laugh, “Relax Jay.”

“Don’t tell me that you didn’t hear how she just slipped that in,” he frowns.

I smile sadly at him, “Which one, the one about you thinking your family is horrible, or about hopefully us getting married?”

“All of it,” he says with a frown. He groans, “I love you Ayranna… And don’t take this the wrong way, but… I can’t marry you until I can feel comfortable with even being around my own family.”

I smile, “Jayson… I’m not going anywhere. Why do you find it necessary to stress over things when we have each other right now? Isn’t that what really matters,” I ask quietly.

He kisses my hand, “I love you so much. You are pretty much the logical side of my brain.” We laugh together as he parks his car in the underground parking lot before leading me upstairs to his condo once again. We reach his door before I take the keys from him and kiss him just before slipping in. He laughs as he unzips my dress as I kick off my heels.

He’s already kissing my neck and running his hands all down my back as I lead the way to his bedroom.

The End

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