Jayson’s older brother, Howard isn’t a person I really wanted to see. He had tried to break us up after one year of us seriously seeing each other. I was still… I’m still upset about it all but because he was family, he was forgiven and the incident was swept under the rug.

Jayson’s arm wraps around my waist as we approach him. “Howie,” Jayson smiles.

“Jayson… And Ayranna,” he says. “How are you?”

“Fine thank, and yourself,” I ask.

He winces at my warm tone, “Great, bought another company so I feel like I’m on top of the world,” he smiles at Jayson.

“Congrats,” we say.

“No talk of business, Howie,” an very old man walks up to us. “Now let me see this gorgeous woman that’s been the talk of the night,” he says.

“Grandpa, how are you,” Jayson asks, stepping in front of me though slightly squeezing my hand. I stay silent.

“Oh never better, I took a cold shower before coming down, so I’m very mellow for the evening. Now let me get a good look at her.” Jayson slowly steps aside as he looks at me. “Mmm, a woman with spunk,” he smirks. “When you get tired of young ones like—”

“Grandfather,” Jayson frowns. His voice is calm but I can feel his anger rising, I squeeze his hand.

“A woman must have options, always,” he says as if there’s no reason he should be angry.

Jayson leads me away, still angry. We walk down a hallway, secluded and quiet. I wrap my arms around him, “You know what he said was bullshit.”

“Ary… He’s actually taken a few of my girlfriends away… They’ve slept with him, behind my back,” he says quietly.

I lower his chin slightly so our eyes meet. “You’ve always told me I’m nothing like the other girls you used to date, so why are you thinking that the same things are gonna happen? I’m different… I’m staying, even if you have a crazy family.” He winces and I smirk, “I never said that was a bad thing, Jay. Smile for me,” I whisper. “Or spending a night here wouldn’t ever be worth it for me.”

He smiles and kissing me, wrapping his arms around me, while holding me so close I can hear his heartbeat though my ear isn’t against his chest. We pull back and smile at each other before going back to the ballroom. Jayson is smiling and soon after we are called into the dining room where dinner will be served. The table is long and decorated elegantly. I would sure hate to know how Christmas would be done up.

He pulls out my chair and I sit down before he slips it in. He takes the seat next to me and takes my hand just as his mother takes a fork and whacks the heck out of a wine glass. Everyone goes silent and she smiles, “Carlos… May you please pray for the meal?”

Her husband, bows his head as everyone else does too. Hands are held as he prays, but Jayson is distracting me as he runs his lips over the back of my hand, making the hair on the back of my hand and arms shoot up quickly.

I hear someone clear their throat and then, “Amen.” I pull my hand away from Jay’s before anyone can open their eyes. His thigh brushes against mine as we begin. The kitchen maids that stand all around the room, help us all, plating our food. I thank the lady and she sets the plate in front of me quietly. I pick up the four to the far left that looks like a dinner fork and begin to eat.

Jayson smiles, “You’re a natural at this.”

I smile as I nudge his leg with mine. Howard, his brother seems to keep glancing over at us. He is to Jayson’s left and across the table, facing us diagonally. I had known he had feelings for me, but truthfully, I hadn’t planned on dating any of the Peters’.

Jayson and I eat together, talking with our neighbors, my neighbor is Jeanne and his neighbor is Grace, Nancy’s daughter. Jeanne seems to like me the way she asks me about all the places I’ve been to.

“You’re cool,” she says.

“Hasn’t your mom gone to exotic places,” I ask.

She frowns looking over at her own mother with contempt who sits on the other side of the table closer to her father. “She goes, but not really to do anything but lie around under the sun,” she says shaking her head. “That’s pretty boring to me.”

I smirk, “When is your spring break?”

“Six weeks from now,” she sighs.

“How about we make a deal,” I ask smiling as I pat my lips before setting my dinner napkin down on my plate. “If you be a good girl, until then, Jayson and I will take you to the most amazing place ever,” I smirk.

“Fuji,” she squeaks.

I smirk, now knowing the most amazing place ever for her was. I shrug, “We’ll have to see now don’t we?”

She gasps and asks Uncle Jayson is it true. He smiles at me. “Six weeks from now of course, but you have to be a good girl,” he warns her.

“Yes, I will Uncle Jayson I promise, I promise,” she smiles.

The End

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