I stand beside Jayson, smiling as the family’s photographer takes at least twelve pictures of us. After Jayson thinks it’s enough, he thanks the photographer and takes my hand, leading me inside away from the lobby.

“Jayson, wow,” I hear.

Jayson laughs, “Colette.” I secretly smirk as I remember a few stories Jay told me about her. “Colette, this is my girlfriend Ayranna. Ayranna, this is Colette, my cousin you’ve heard so much about,” he smirks at me.

Colette looks at us, “How could you? You told her, didn’t you?”

Jay laughs, but hugs her. She hugs me after too. “Welcome to the family,” she whispers. Jay had warned me about this. That I am the only girl he has ever introduced to his family. His only girlfriend he’s been with more than three months. “And watch out for Grandpa.” I press my lips together so not to appear surprised. Jay had also told me about his grandfather, hooked on Viagra pills that would bone anything.

I take her words graciously and smile at Colette as we pull away. Jay leads me into the huge ballroom where all his family members are standing around talking. This is gonna be an interesting Thanksgiving dinner. This is a so called formal family dinner.

“First my parents,” he whispers uneasily.

“Relax,” I smirk. “I thought you didn’t care?”

“My mom… has a way with words,” he says quietly.

I nod and stay quiet as he leads the way. “Jayson, oh my, she’s gorgeous,” I hear a warm honey coated voice.

His mother was beautiful. An exotic Italian woman with just amazingly bright hazel brown eyes.

“Don’t trust her,” he mutters. I smile about to laugh when I’m attacked, then squeezed close to death. I can barely see the light, just as she releases me.

Jay looks at me worried, “Mother this is my girlfriend Ayranna.” He takes my hand, making sure there was space between his mother and me. “Ayranna this is my mother.”

“Call me Genie,” she smiles warmly. “That’s such a beautiful necklace. You did buy that right Jayson?”

“Yes Mother,” he says.

“Jayson, my boy,” a handsome man walks over. Jay embraces him smiling.

Jay had once told me how his father was the man he looked up to in his life, a great role model. “Hi Dad,” he says smiling as he pulls away.

I am able to see that Jay looks like his father, except for his hazel green eyes that come from his mother’s side of the family. Both have tanned faces, full black glossed hair and such red stained lips.

“You must be Ayranna, what a beauty,” he smiles. He hugs me too like a father would hug his daughter. “My father is here so try and avoid him,” he says, giving me a word of advice.

“I’ve been warned three times now,” I laugh. “Where is he?”

Jayson frowns and I wink. He takes my hand and leads me away to meet his youngest sister first.

Marisa, his twenty nine year old sister is standing by her husband, Cole. Jayson told me she has three children; Alex, Wilston and Jeanne.

Jay had warned me she’s the stuck up princess you would typically expect in such a rich family. I can tell just by looking at her, it was all about appearances. Her sons were polo shirts with the logos on their suits. Her daughter, Jeanne, seems to already be rebelling, glaring at her own mother openly in public.

When she sees Jay, she smiles brightly and gets up to hug him. “Jeanne,” her mother warns her. She ignores her mother as she jumps up into Jayson’s arms. I had expected it and had let his hand go.

“Not listening to Mom,” Jay says quietly, in a fatherly stern voice. “I thought you want to come to my place for the spring break.”

“I do, but she’s impossible,” she grumbles. I smirk and introduce myself to the little boys that are smiling at me shyly. They wait their turns to talk to their favorite uncles. Wilston being the oldest stands up and shakes my hand, Alex just smiles looking at me.

When Jayson is done with the children, he smiles hugging his sister briefly, then shaking hands with Cole. “Ayranna, this is my youngest sister, but she’s still older than me, Marisa, and her husband, Cole. Marisa and Cole, this is my girlfriend, Ayranna.”

“Nice to finally meet you,” she says with a sugar coated voice.

Jayson squeezes my hand gently, it was our signal to not say anything. I nod instead and Cole shakes my hand limply.

Jay steers me away to his older sister, Nancy. The second oldest, Nancy is married to a young French delegate, who by the looks of it, is not present. She has one child, Grace.

She is drinking red wine as we approach. Jay smiles and kisses her cheek before hugging her. “Nancy, this is—”

“The gorgeous model Ayranna Stone,” she smiles. “And your girlfriend, I hear.”

“Wait,” I say slowly. “I saw you—”

“Just last week,” she smirks, adding a wink. Jayson looks between us. “What happens in Rome stays in Rome,” she shrugs.

“I used the same thing on him earlier,” I laugh.

“It wasn’t all bad, Ayranna was a very nice girl on her trip away from you brother.” We both laugh at Jayson’s expense before I kiss his cheek.

“I really was a good girl,” I smirk.

“I highly doubt it,” he smirks. “Would you like to see my older brother now?”

I smile and nod, giving Nancy a hug in parting. “Welcome to the family,” she says quietly.


The End

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