Ayira's Unusuals: Dallas

Caught off our guard:

"Dallas, stop!" Jamie ran towards his young friend. "Eyphah doesn't have a limit. They'll kill you if you do anything!" 

"I don't care!" Dallas snapped. "I've had enough of seeing Joel tormented. They can screw with my instead for all they want!" 

"Dallas, if you go in there, they'll trap you!" Jamie screamed. "You cannot go. You're nowhere near ready to fight anything or anyone from Eyphah, much less the head himself.  Joel is a Warrior, he knows how to deal with this." 

Rain poured down hard on the three of them, slowly soaking through their clothes. 

"So what?" Dallas demanded. "I can't demand a withdrawl of torment or something?"

"Ha! I doubt you'd get past Eyphah's front doors with that attitude. Come on," Jamie pleaded. "we'll go to Ayira. They can help us-"

Jamie stopped talking, suddenly doubled over.

"Jay?" Dallas ran towards him. "Jamie, what's happening, are you alright?"

After a moment, Jamie slowly straightened. "I'm fine. Let's get out of here and find Joel-"

"Get down!" a thunderous voice boomed.

Jamie ducked. Dallas turned towards the voice. . . .

and saw only blackness for what seemed like forever.

After waking up and resting for a few day, Dallas was introduced to some people who would "team up" with him in the future.

However, after a few moments of chatting, Jamie began talking with them about gifts.

With that, Dallas stood up to leave the room. He had had enough talk about gifts long before they were brought here.

As Jamie was explaining his gift to them, one of the girls slipped by the door and stared at him.

Dallas stared back for a moment, surprised that a scared-looking girl could look at someone for so long. As if she were forcing herself. . . .

"Wild Card." she whispered before turning to leave.

"Wild Card?" Dallas repeated. "What's that?"

"You." she said casually. "You just are. I don't know why."

The End

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