Ayira's Unusuals: Jamie

"It was during a terrible storm:

"Bring them in, quickly!" Shane called as he opened the stairwell door. "If we don't call for Him fast, they might not make it!"

"Wait!" Jamie called. "Where are you taking them? Shane, I can help you!"

Shane turned to face the young adult in front of him, his face showing pity. "You'll have to leave them in the hands of Iejovah for now. I promise you that they'll be alright."  

"Wait, please!" Jamie called again as the agents carried Dallas and Joel into a room which, he was told, he was not yet permitted to enter.  

This was an outrage! They couldn't just tell him to "leave it" like that! All-powerful or no, Iejovah could be extremely unfair sometimes!

"Shane?"  "Shane, what's up!"  Jamie turned at the sound of voices.

A guy who was taller then him, but kind of skinny, came bolting around the corner.  "Shane?" he called.

"Oh, you know Shane, too?" Jamie asked, and pointed to the door which had just been shut in his face. "He's in there taking care of my friends. He wouldn't let me come." 

"Must've had a good reason." the guy remarked. "Are you really close to these friends?" 

"Of course!" 

"Then that's why. I'm Dan," the guy held out his hand. "but who are you?" 

"Jamie's my name." Jamie replied, quickly shaking Dan's hand. "I was trying to convince Shane to let myself and my two friends join up here, when there was an attack. Dallas and Joel got the worst of it." he added.

"Dan? Why'd you run off like that?" three girls, one older then the other two, appeared and began to bombard Dan with questions.

"Alright, alright, alright, calm down!" Dan exclaimed. "There's been a situation, and now we have to wait until we get further instructions. Give us some room, will you?"

The two younger girls obediently stepped back, while the older girl whispered something in Dan's ear. 

"Kelly, are you sure?" Dan murmured. 

The older girl, obviously called Kelly, nodded and turned to Jamie and said,  "I doubt you'll be interns."

"Excuse her straightforwardness."  One of the younger girls added. "But if she wasn't sure, she wouldn't say it."

A few days later, Jamie was introducing Dallas and Joel to the rest of the group.

"Joel has the gift of faith-fighting, I myself like to call him the warrior of us three." he explained. "Dallas is unsure of his gift, but the moment I saw him I knew that Iejovah was very close to him."

"But what's your gift?" a curious Maria piped up.

"My gift is that of the apostolos." Jamie smiled mysteriously.

"His gift is being an Apostle." Kelly rephrased with a sidelong glance at Jamie. "He learns things from Iejovah, and his job is to teach or tell it to others."

"Somewhat." Jamie nodded. "I'm only called an Apostle because it's the best fitting name.  It's similar to Prophecy in the sense that it's from Iejovah himself, but it's not a glimpse or vision of something to come, or a warning. Apostles are of a different spirit altogether."

"So can you translate things that Iejovah tells people?" Maria asked.

"Sometimes, if that's what the message is."

Maria and Esther whispered to eachother for a few minutes, then nodded their head in assent.

"Welcome to the family." Dan rolled his eyes. "You'll have to get used to that."

The End

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