Ayira's Unusuals: Maria

Meeting my first team:

"Nadeen, everyone knows about your child's potential. Why don't you try to get Maria an early internship at an Agency??"

"An internship? She's barely ten! What is a ten-year-old going to do with an internship if she hasn't confirmed what her gift is?" was her mother's usualy reply.

Maria was a young girl who's parents had annulled their marriage. She saw next to nothing of her father, and didn't have very many close friends. However, she had recently began to get in touch with Deus (also known as Iejovah).

One day, Shane (who was leading the Revalational meetings which her family attended), approached her mother, Nadeen, and asked if Maria was able to study and be closer to Iejovah on a regular basis, and would she like the opportunity if given.
Nadeen replied that Maria had always been educated at home, but if she could get so much closer to Iejovah, it would be wonderful. Maria would not say no.

Her mother dropped her off at Ayira a few days later, and Shane was waiting near the door.

He took her to a room where three others were studying, an older boy and girl, and a younger girl looked up expectantly as he came in. They all greeted Shane nicely, each seeming very happy to see him.

The four of them chatted for a minute or two, and Maria hung back, staring at the floor until the boy put forth a question of interest.

"Is this the new girl you were telling us about?" he asked, standing up to look at her.

"Yes, this is Maria."   Shane motioned for her to come closer.

"H-hello."  she managed. "I'm. . . .Maria. Nice to meet you."

"I'm Dan." the boy reached out and shook her hand.

"Kelly." the older girl said.

"I'm Esther!" the younger girl jumped out of her seat. "You're ten, too, right? My dad told me all about you last night. Do you know what your gift is yet?"

"Esther." Shane warned."You're here to show her the ropes, not interrogate her."

"I know!" Esther replied. "I'm just making conversation."
they all looked at Maria, who hugged her notebook and looked at the ground.

"I don't know my gift yet at all." she replied. "I just. . .don't." she felt tears come to her eyes.

"It's alright!" Esther took her arm and led her to a chair. "Not everyone knows their gift right away. Daddy didn't know his until he was twenty-five!"

"Twenty. . . .twenty-five?" Maria whispered, stealing a glance at Shane.

"Yeah, twenty-five! Some people don't even know their gifts until they're really old. Can you imagine discovering your gift at forty, or something?!" Esther exclaimed as they took their seats. "When Iejovah wants you to know what your gift is, you'll definitely know what it is!"

Maria smiled a little, and nodded. She knew how powerful Iejovah was.

"I think I like it here."

The End

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