Ayira's Unusuals

This is the chronicle of Ayira's unusuals, and I am in charge of taking it down. My team consists of eight people: Evangel (Esther), Wildfire (Dallas), Tolos (Jamie), Teles (Dan), Seeker (Kelly), Rior (Joel), Verti (Chelsea) and Sensor (myself). Once we recieve our final member, we will be a full-fledged team. . . . .Huh? Our new member's here? Hey, wait a sec. . . . !

The chronicle of Ayira's unusuals, section one: How we all met.


Month 4, day 17, year xxxx:

Shane had discovered sixteen-year-old Dan ten years ago, and requested permission for him to come and study and Ayira Agency and eventually become a full memer. His parents had agreed, and it was repoted shortly after that he had the gift of Prophecy. 

Six months later, a girl named Kelly was also discoverd by Shane and Dan, who had envisioned two young girls being saved from darkness, one at a time. His first vision.  Soon after the vision, Shane found Kelly Eyphah's Gates, crying for the mother who had abandoned her.

Realising the danger, Shane took the nine-year-old back to Ayira, and introduced her to Dan.
"This girl was a part of your vision." Shane had whispered to Dan later on. "Take good care of her."
It was revealed soon after the two began studying together that Kelly had the gifts of Knowledge and Discernment

Kelly and Dan had both returned to Ayira Agency from their short vacations, and were closer then usual that day. They studied quietly, writing down notes for eachother as well as themselves ( a study that their teacher Shane had only recently approved of, but was the most efficient way for Dan and the only way for Kelly, who rarely spoke at all during that time. 

Today, they were looking at what they had studied before leaving.
They were lucky to study before Shane got there, Dan had thought, even if Shane was late.
When he came in, however, he surprised both of them quite a lot.

"Dan, Kelly." Shane called as he entered. "I'm sorry I'm late today, but I had some trouble getting everything ready."
The two of them looked up. Kelly nodded and turned back to her books.

"No worries." Dan said casually. "We were just catching up on things."

Shane nodded. "Good job, taking opportunites to study." he said. "But I need you both to listen to me for a moment before we start. Someone else is going to be studying with you from now on."

"Someone new?" Dan brightened. "Who is it?"
Kelly looked up again, confused.

"Come here." was Shane's reply. "Esther, you don't need to hide." he added, stepping out of the doorway and pulling a little girl out from around the corner.
Dan and Kelly both stood up and moved towards Shane, who was gently tugging the girl inside.

"Dan, Kelly, this my daughter Esther. She is six years old, and is going to study with you from now on. I hope that both of you-" he cast a quick glance at Kelly. "-will help her and treat her well."

"Are you sure about this, Shane?" Dan glanced down at Esther uncertainly. "She's. . .six."

"If I wasn't sure of what Iejovah said, I wouldn't have brought  her here." Shane replied, looking in Dan and Kelly's eyes in turn. "Don't worry about her age."
"Alright. . . . .If you're sure."

The End

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