XIII - Bad BloodMature

There I was, standing like a dumb ass, a sociopathic apparently invulnerable thug holding my sister at knife point. I finally had a good look at her and... Geez...

She was barely a month over twenty yet she looked older than me by a good 10 year. Her blond hair was greasy and full of knots, her eyes were glassy and distant, she had gotten thinner than a twig and her whole body shook with weakness.

"Just let her go and we'll leave. No harm done." I proposed

"You, know too much."

Too much? yeah, he was a drug dealer but that wasn’t exactly a secret... It was only then I shot a quick glance at the room and noticed the obivious.

For a drug dealer's den, there sure were a lot of glass jar and bags filled with blood... "Oh Jesus..." I muttered before hurling what little I had in my stomach on the floor. Vertigo nearly knocked me down but I leaned against the wall, supporting myself with one arm.

A vampire. I was fighting a goddamn vampire... My life sucks...

"Bizzaro Dan? any tips you can share? cause I sure haven't brought any holy water, crosses or stakes."

"It is daylight outside."

Better than nothing. But I couldn't exactly just drag him outside to roast.

"So what you take blood from junkies? Why?"

"Worth a lot of money to the right people and nobody will notice."

"If I say we won't say a word to anyone?"

"Like I can trust you, you just stabbed me mate."

His eyes were gradually going from gray-blue to red. He was getting hungry I guessed. That stab had probably taken a fair share of blood from him.

I couldn't do a damn thing and before could've moved, he'd have killed my baby sis.

"Alright! Let her go. There's a cab waiting outside, it'll take her away. Beside she's barely standing. He'll get her to a hospital. Take me instead."

"An interesting proposition. I always wondered what the blood of a magician tasted like." He claimed, with delight and expectation in his eyes "On the ground, facedown, arms behind your back."

I did as he said, laying on the cold dirty ceramic floor. He slowly came over next to me, Joelle still in hand. He knew if he killed her I would have grabbed the knife and attacked him again. He couldn't risk it.

In one fluid movement, he left her go in an ungentlemanly manner and grabbed me by the neck, wrapping one of his arms around it while the other pressed against my kidney with something sharp.

"I'll enjoy this and then I'll finish your sister. You gave her an advance so it's fair for me" He gloated.

Asshole... I took a deep breath and pushed away my thoughts, the fear of blood and that damn psycho. I opened my mind's eye and...

I looked at the world.
Not at what was before me
but beyond it. Beyond the world
I ignored the physical and focused on the abstract.
The thoughts and memories of the room.
It laid behind a barrier.
I visualized myself passing through it.
Just as I visualized dragging him with me.
In a moment, we both passed through the shroud.
Into the real world. The world that wasn't build.
The world of spirits and concepts. My new world...

We passed the shroud like I did before, feeling like I'd passed through a gelatinous membrane, passing by lights and memories of horrors that had happened in the condemned apartment. I breathed in, not the air, but the aether that replaced it.

The vampire, surprised, let go of me, beginning to choke due to the lack of. He didn't need air, but old reflexes die hard. We appeared in a room made of rusted steel walls, a laboratory filled with dried blood, broken equipment and rubbles. The spiritual reflection of the room we had been in.

I didn't let him recover, he ate my fist in the jaw and my boot in the solar plexus and fell on the floor. Now, he knew that somehow, we were on my turf now and I was in control.

"What did you do damn cattle!?" He screamed in anger.

"I'm giving you what you deserve." I spat.

Out of the corners, worn spherical robots rose from the piles of rubbles, approaching him, dozens of needles at the stuck out of them. Some came for me but I disappeared, walking back to New York, into the material world.

"Good luck getting out of here" I spat at him before I slipped out.

The End

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