XII - Rotten appleMature

After hours and hours of walking dirt trails, roman bridges and modern freeways. I finally walked back into the real world. Not a minute too soon, I was considering seriously leveling the place.

I had changed into something more normal before leaving, surely a guru's clothing would have made me stand out. Instead I'd opted for a hoodie, jeans and steel toed boots. The directional talisman hung from my neck while the dagger's handle brushed softly against the skin of my back.

I walked right out of the spirit world right in an alley in Manhattan. I still had a while to walk until I reached the queen. As I passed a car, I considered jacking it, but the traffic was so darn heavy I'd walk a lot faster.

I had walked a lot that night, it was almost sun rise yet I was still fine. Before I began all this I would have been knocked out a while ago.

"The Maori healing spirit healed you. Lack of exercise and muscle atrophy is also a wound. Although they didn't heal your phobia of blood."

Oh. That explained it. "Thank you, personal delusions!"

I jogged out of Manahan and walked into Brooklyn and catch a cab to the queens. On 73rd avenue was the building the red man had guided me to. I slang sixty to the cab driver and told him to wait for me after he nodded in thanks.

The dilapidated building had been boarded up, keep out sign had been placed all over it. It had been schedule for razing but it never had gotten to that part. Now, it was your run of the mill crack house.

The door wasn't locked, hell, it barely held on it's hinges. The place was dark, as very little light made it's way through the boarded up windows. After taking a few seconds to adapt to the new poor lighting conditions, I walked slowly and carefully, dagger in hand, down the main corridor.

To the sides were rooms full of sleeping people, probably passed out from the drugs. "All men" I muttered as I kept going. I passed three more of such rooms until I reached a door, under which I could see just a sliver of light. Hushed voices came to me… I crept closer, listening to the conversation.

"...another hit... that's all I want..." pleaded an exhausted woman's voice. Was it her's? It sounded different but alike in some manners.

"Sorry girl, you outta pay for the merchandise, you know what I'm saying?" Said a gangster.

"I don't have money... you already took it all..."

"There's another way then." He said with a suggestive note.

Ok, That was fucking it. I thought, motivated to waste these guys. Drug deal was one thing, rape or cohersing someone into sex was another.

I slammed my foot right in the door, kicking it open with a thunderous bang. Inside, the woman and three thugs looked at me. One of them looked better clad than the other ones. It was probably the leader I believed.

"What do we have here?" He said "Some fella playing hero?"

"Leave her the fuck alone." I yelled.

"No can do sir."

His men spreaded out in a fan around me. Three against one... I didn't like the odds. I never had gotten into a fight before (the spirit fight not withstanding) and at that moment was freaking terrified. They were three of them, they had weapons and I was scared shitless of blood.

Of all possible phobia that exist, why did it have to be just that one?

We all stared at each other. The crook on my left wielded a tire Iron, the right one a baseball bat while the head honcho had a nine inch long knife. All I had was a stone knife.
Tire iron man, swung at me horizontally and reflexively I deflected the blow with my knife. Slicing the metal piece in two, in a surgically clean manner.


I hadn't expected that, but then these were magic items so, I probably should have. The man stood there flabbergasted, right in time to collect my boot in the chin, sending him backward to crash on a pile of cardboard boxes, which broke what sounded like glass jars inside them.

The remaining two guys' attitude changed. They dropped the tough macho act and prepared to fight seriously.

"Who are you?" the main guy asked

"The guy who's sister you're taking advantages of bastard."

He snickered at that comment. "I suggest that you leave. Now."

"Not without her."

"She's leaving only in a body bag." He claimed "And apparently so will you."

The second guy tried to hit me with his bat but I narrowly dodged the hit. This wasn't the case with head guy, as he tackled me into the ground and proceeded to rain down punches at me really fast and hard.

Without any other option, I jabbed the knife I held right in the guy's chest, at the heart level. He gasped and I elbowed him in the jaw sending him crashing on the ground nearby. I pulled the knife out without looking and started at the last guy "Your turn? Or are you seriously questioning your choice of employment?"

He threw his bat on the ground and ran like a little girl. I let out a satisfied "Eh."

"You shouldn't be celebrating so soon." The leader said. I turned around and he was holding my sister hostage at knifepoint.

"Drop the knife." He commanded "Or I play voodoo doll with her."

I threw the knife on the ground. How the hell was he still up? I stabbed his heart...

The End

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