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"Come again?" I asked. having a minute earlier came back after spending what I believed was an hour looking for plans I only vaguely knew.

"Walk deosil around the circle, at each cardinal point, take a deep puff of the tobaco. Begining and ending with the east side." Bookman repeated.

"What the hell is Deosil?"

"Clockwise, you profane shaman." He cackled out

I grumbled by did as he commanded. "Focus Daniel!" I said ignoring the balcony of the gazebo dancing to the music of Wish you were here... I felt good, really good. Apparently the herbs, I had to gather but getting acid from the servant that was alright.

"I call upon you! Watcher of the east!" I proclaimed, in the most authoritarian voice I could muster given the fact I was tripping balls, as I reached the east, the ocean side. I did the same for all other directions until I came back to the begining.

I settled on the altar table that had been put in place of the lectern. Inside the Cedar bowl, were a handful of berries, a cedar cone that I had crushed, tobaco leaves and some tinder.

"Alright" He said "Use the dagger and pour some blood on the mix"

I looked at him chocked. Didn't he know? How could he not, he was ME.

"Right... You're still like that." He said non-empathically. "But you have to do it."

"I hate you..." I grumbled.

My hand shook as I held the dagger to my palm, cold sweat begining to drop from my forehead, my hands were moist and I was covered with goosebumps. Thing was, I'm hemophobe... Not homophobe, H-E-M-O. I never could stand seeing blood. One of the reason I'd alway preffered books over TV and movies.

I took a deep breath and sliced my palm. I didn't managed to cut it.. I hadn't put enough effort into the blade... Again. This time, the warm liquid spilled, smelling of copper and stinking the place.

"Congratulation!" He declared, not sounding very cherful... "But seriously what kind of hero fears blood?"

If I wasn't about to hurl, or crumble down to the floor, I'd have stangled that son of a...

...That insult doesn't work when it's your own mother you speak of. Altough...

Maybe it was the acid, but for once, the sight the blood didn't affect me. Actually, It looked like I was leaking chocolate on a salad. Man that stuff was strong.

Next step, I already knew and I was thankfully that it didn't involve more gore. Using the set of cardboard matches, that I lit, I sat the mixture on red fire. Literally red, not yellow-orangeish. I wasn't sure it was the acid...

I prononced the last few words of the chant and the circle lit up like the sun, silvery fire burning at it's edge.

In the middle of the circle, a figure appeared. Out of thin air there was now a Native looking man, dressed in red tailored suit. Gold hanged from his neck, ears, and fingers. He stood casually, leaning on a dresscane shapen like the head of an eagle.

"I call upon you, Asga'ya Gi'gägeï, the Man in red, spirit of succes. I require your services for a task." I proclamed to him, brandishing a set or red beads.

"Alright gent, I am willing to hear your need an perharps harken to it."

I blinked several times... Did he just... Why the hell was he speaking like a british gentleman?

"Well lad? You don't want to be a wanker and miss your chance do you?"

Personally I couldn't get over this, But I had to go on. "Dear estimated spirit, I require your help finding a relative of mine. She goes by the name of Joelle Lachance."

"Why should I take part in such a buggery?"

"As the ancient laws declare, I offer payment of equal value to the service rendered."

"Now, that is quite good. So few blokes remember the old days. Quite a sad thing isn't it? I will find her in exchange for power. So few of the medecine men remain these days. I shall help you find her if you and her pay proper devotion to me when it is done."

"I accept your terms honorable spirit."

"Farewell, It has been a pleasure to meet you lad." He said. Taking the clue, I dismissed him and the circle the circle fell inactive.

Just as I did, a crushing migraine hit me all of a suddent and images flashed before my eyes. I saw an abandoned building. Next, I saw an apple next to a house, far larger than it. Last, I saw faceless women wearing crowns.

I stumbled back up, to the stare of the other me. "I think I know where to find her."

The End

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