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So, As I got out of the church-loft-sanctum, with Edward just vanishing into thin air before me, I saw that a duffle bag had be left there, the tools had been stashed inside. "Thanks Eddy." I murmured to the wind.

"Hey Bookguy? You hear me?" I asked loudly.

"Indeed I do." Said the voice... From right next to me. Startled I turned around and saw him.

Bizarro me wore the same clothes as me but looked like f'in shite, his eyes all baggy and tired looking, his hair and clothes dirty and ragged.  "Man, you look horrible."

"The grimoire is a powerful shock onto an unawakened mind. It can hurt the psyche." He replied neutrally.

"What does that mean? And how are you no longer a voice?"

"You were unawakened. Your mind had yet the ability to understand the truth. As for the second question. I am still in you. This whole sanctum is yours, it has became part of you."

"Alright... What's the truth?"

"That there is nothing to understand. Everything is fluid and it is only beliefs that shape your world not the contrary."

"I'm pretty sure that's not the case. There is a real world you know, with consistant rules"

"There is because you think it is. Not just you, the whole human race believes and confirm that reality. Take for examples Dragons do they exist?"


"Yet they did. They appeared in many legends all over the globe for a reason. Dinosaurs as you call them, are their remains that mutated to fit the new edited version of reality."


"But I believe you have had enough of the theory. What is it you wanted?"

"I need help finding someone. Now."

"I am at your disposal. Take the tool with you. There is a vantage point about 10 minutes away that overlook the sea. I'll be waiting there." Just like the servant he vanished, no transition or anything. He just wasn't there anymore.

Somehow, I just knew where the thing was despite the size of the sanctum grounds. It was part of me he said, that was probably why. I shrugged.

Honestly by that point my head had started spinning. Yeah, ghosts and psychic vision are something but learning that everything you know is a frabication made my head hurt. It's even worse when it's your doppleganger that informs you.

There was a small white stone gazebo waiting there for me on a part where the cliff formed a V over the ocean. A large silver ring ran in the ground, a lectern next to it facing the ocean.

"Welcome" the bookman said, making a theatrical sweep of the arm to show the surroundings. He had changed from the exact same clothes to a semi-buttoned shirt and jeans. He had also made his or my hair into a ponytail. While I let mine hangs strait down touching the shoulder.

"Alright. I'm here. What now?"

"You will learn to cast your first spell." He snapped his fingers and a marble covered table appeared on the edge of the circle. "Empty your bag on the table. Done? Now, take them in your hand one by one."

"Okay" I took the closest and biggest, the staff. Infront of my eyes it changed into a new form. Gone was the quartz tip and in came another, purely transparent one. The feathers turned into an eagle's and symbolds ran down the lenght of wood.


"Ah Cherokee eh? Well, you do have it in your blood. Quite an interesting choice."

"What happened?" I asked him in confusion.

"The tools are adapting to you. Just go on." He said dismisingly like nothing had happened.

The samething happened to all items, in the end, I held an obscidian dagger, a cedar carved bowl, the staff and the pentacle had turned into a circle of wood holding a piece of colored cloth on it's edge. The seven sacred direction I remembered from my grandma's tales.

"Alright now that's done what happens?"

The book-me stood imobile for a second, his image glitching, for a lack of a better term.

"We will require a few reagent. A cedar cone, a handful blackberries, some tobaco leaves and an Item that belonged to your sister."

I searched around in my head for the last one... until I remembered the ring that clad my pinky. She had bought it for me when she was seven on my birthday, using a good part of her allowance... But where did it go? The greys had stripped me down...

"Looking for something, Sir?" Came the empty voice of the Phastasmic servant who had popped behind me, two inches away from my ear..

"Gah!" I screamed in surprise "Don't do that Ed"

"My most dearest apologies." He responded not exactly sounding sincere, but I doubted he could. He was a spirit, not a human afterall. Still, I was begining to like the guy.

"Wow... Thanks" I said as he handed me the tiny ring that had been polished.

He went away and I was left with myselves. "Where do I get the herbs?"

"We are in the woods. I think you'll figure it out." He said, turning his back on me, reading from a book. I left without a word, I had work to do.

The End

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